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Based in Ussel, France, Panneaux de Corrèze was founded after three former managers purchased the ISOROY factory (with 93 employees) in 2015. One of the three buyers, Pascal Casanova, is now Managing Director and Head of Industry and Development. The plant was built in 1989 and equipped with a refiner provided by Sprout-Bauer, which later became a part of the ANDRITZ GROUP.

Reducing power consumption is vital

Panneaux de Corrèze has made it a priority to reduce electrical energy consumption. There were three key reasons for this decision:

  • electrical energy consumption accounts for a considerable share of the cost price of the product
  • energy consumption level is more important than the price of energy during the investment phase
  • subsidies are available if energy efficiency is improved.  

In 2015, the new management changed the company’s strategy: Rather than replacing old parts with lowcost components, they opted for high-quality ANDRITZ solutions. The slight increase in cost is offset by the far greater benefits. The company’s main requirements were to increase manufacturing throughput, energy efficiency, and component service life.

The ANDRITZ solution

The plant has been modernized over the years through a series of successive upgrades

  • 16'' Plug screw feeder: Plug screw with AdvaProtect 70 hardfacing
  • Compression housing with AdvaProtect segments
  • Refiner 45/49 1-CP: Refiner with swing door design and rotor with "dovetail" design and premium scrapers

*Inteview and photo shooting took place prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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