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Recycling plants for electrical and electronic scrap

For each type of electrical and electronic waste ANDRITZ Recycling offers individually tailor-made plant solutions, which meet all requirements of the European WEEE Directive.

With the Universal Cross-Flow Shredder QZ, ANDRITZ Recycling has developed a particularly effective and environmentally friendly technology, which has led the way throughout Europe, for recovering the recyclable materials and separating out the hazardous substances.

The QZ shredder as centerpiece of the e-scrap recycling plant breaks up gently the input material. That way the material composites are broken-up and assembly groups are freed. Batteries and capacitors remain intact whereby the material stream remains clean. Directly after the processing in the QZ approximately 80% of the input material can be separated manually, automatically or optoelectronically and is directly available for selling-on.

Combined WEEE and refrigerator plant

See a WEEE recycling plant in action!

ANDRITZ combined e-scrap and refrigerator recycling plant

Option: Further granulation step for higher recycling rate

Key components: Universal Granulator UG

  • High purity degree of output fractions through further destruction of remaining material bounds
  • Homogenized distribution of output size and form
  • Customized grain-size, end products adapted to market demand
  • High efficiency of the separation technique when granulated material is processed, higher recovery rate of valuable resources
  • In-house integrated recycling solution from A to Z for gaining best value from input material
  • High capacity because of higher quality and less quantity of material flow to the granulation step after QZ treatment


  • Household equipment
  • Computers
  • Copiers
  • Washing machines
  • Dryers
  • Consumer electronics
  • Small appliances


  • Printed circuit boards
  • Transformers
  • Capacitors
  • Aluminum/copper
  • Iron
  • Stainless steel
  • Plastics

Process advantages e-scrap recycling

  • QZ with accelerating tools for breaking the material bounds, based on the different material properties
  • Wide range of possible input materials
  • Most of the circuit boards remain intact and available to be sold to a metal foundry
  • Size and form determined by the operating parameters of the QZ
  • Faster and more efficient sorting of the valuable materials and contaminants
  • Materials remain in coarse pieces, mostly separated from each other
  • Easy to sort out valuable ferrous and non-ferrous fractions like motors, transformers, Fe/Cu compounds, copper, aluminum, cables, plastics
  • Less wear and tear and higher availability of the following equipment due to early removal of disturbing and coarse parts
  • Massive parts can also be processed without causing damages to the accelerating tools
  • No release of harmful substances because of gentle dismantling of batteries and capacitors

ANDRITZ e-scrap - WEEE Recycling Plants

Refrigerator recycling

Fully encapsulated, single-stage systems for processing refrigerators

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