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Metris cyber security risk processing

Add digital and cyber risk KPIs to the overall risk assessment of operational processes in the industrial network

Metris Risk-Based Management (RBM) is an application within the Metris software package provided by ANDRITZ Automation. Its purpose is to allow operations teams to efficiently prioritize their maintenance tasks according to risks applied on assets in the production floor.

Integrating OTORIO RAM² with Metris RBM, enriches the application by introducing a new “Digital Risk” factor as part of the overall risk of an asset. With RAM², operations teams can perform their job better and more efficiently using the same processes that they currently use.

Metris Risk-Based Management

RAM² and Metris Integrated Solution Ensures Operational Continuity

Adding a Digital Risk factor into Metris RBM results in more accurate and data enriched prioritized maintenance by asset risk level and criticality.

Providing complete asset inventory visibility, RAM² collects data points from multiple security and industrial sources in order to examine and correlate security events and prioritize them according to their operational impact. Additionally, RAM² now also collects live performance data from the assets to assess the impact it might have on the reliability of the host.

RAM² and Metris Solution Benefits

  • Adding a digital risk factor to the existing list of risks represented in RBM
  • Easy identification of assets posing the highest digital risk to the production environment
  • Allowing managers to prioritize tasks and resources based on business priorities
  • Seamless integration into existing dashboards and workflows
  • Allowing the users to continue the investigation into the asset's related security alerts in RAM²
  • Promotes OT-IT collaboration

RAM² and Metris RBM operational cycle

RAM² and Metris RBM operational cycle

Key Features

  • Creates digital assets in RBM – RAM² reports its discovered assets to RBM allowing the user to link these assets with physical assets and therefore reflects the digital risk on them.
  • Continuous performance monitoring – OTORIO’s proprietary performance collector safely collects continuous performance data from supported asset types, updating the data periodically.
  • Performance awareness – RAM² automatically creates performance-related alerts when the asset's performance risk level changes.
  • Introduces a cyber risk assessment to an OT native application – RAM² correlates alerts, asset data and industrial context from multiple security and industrial sources to identify gaps in the security posture and early detection of attack patterns. These are reported as a Cyber Risk KPIs which are part of the Digital Risk provided to RBM. The end-user can easily follow up on this and access RAM² for further investigation.

RAM² integrated within Metris RBM

RAM² integrated within Metris RBM


RAM² is an industrial-tailored Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) solution that ensures comprehensive management of digital risks, preventive risk mitigation, and rapid responses to threats.