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ANDRITZ FibreSolve pulpers

Efficient pulping of bales, pulp, and broke – virgin or recycled

FibreSolve FSV pulper

FibreSolve FSU pulper

Efficient pulping solutions

ANDRITZ FibreSolve FSV and FibreSolve FSU pulpers provide efficient and low energy pulping for all mill furnish requirements and processes. The FibreSolve pulper can be operated in either batch or continuous mode. The unique mixing vanes create extraordinarily good circulation within the vat.


ANDRITZ stock preparation pulpers

  • FibreSolve FSV: bale and broke pulping
  • FibreSolve FSU: under-machine pulping

Benefits of the FibreSolve FSV and FibreSolve FSU pulper

  • High pulp disintegration due to high fiber-to-fiber friction
  • Pulping consistencies typically 5–9%
  • Low specific energy consumption due to optimized pulper rotor geometry
  • Small pulper vat volumes
  • Sturdy construction, reliable operation
  • Good accessibility for easy maintenance
  • V-belt arrangement or gear drive

High-consistency pulping

Efficient slushing of recycled and virgin fiber pulps

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Low-consistency pulping

Efficient pulping of recycled and virgin fiber pulps

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Automation for the pulp and paper industry

Optimization, data analysis, augmented reality

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  • pp-stockpreparation-pulping-fibresolve-fsv.pdf
    FibreSolve FSV

    The ANDRITZ FibreSolve FSV pulper can be operated in either batch mode or continuously, depending on the installation and furnish requirements from the mill process.

    PDF : 303 KB
  • FibreSolve FSU

    The ANDRITZ FibreSolve FSU pulper is able to operate in both batch and continuous mode to fall in line with the requirements of the paper machine.

    PDF : 480 KB
  • Pilot plant Graz

    Fiber preparation pilot plant, for customer trials, research and development

    PDF : 938 KB