ANDRITZ lamella evaporation plant at night
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ANDRITZ lamella evaporation plant

ANDRITZ lamella evaporation plants are well-proven in installations around the world. There are a variety of configurations and models available – from pre-evaporators to multiple-effect evaporation trains – to accommodate even the most challenging liquors or effluents.

ANDRITZ lamella evaporation plant


High evaporation efficiency with low energy consumption

Steam generation in a kraft mill is a significant operating expense.  ANDRITZ lamella evaporators are designed to efficiently conserve and utilize this steam in the most effective way possible.  With increasing energy costs and environmental demands, there is a greater need for energy-efficient evaporators that can also segregate condensates so that the water can be reused. For kraft and mechanical pulping, ANDRITZ offers complete systems for treating liquid streams and processing the condensates for optimal re-use, while minimizing energy consumption.

ANDRITZ lamella evaporation plant at night

ANDRITZ lamella evaporation plant

ANDRITZ lamella evaporation plant, Södra Cell Mörrum, Sweden

ANDRITZ lamella evaporation plant, Södra Cell Mörrum, Sweden


Besides weak black liquor, the evaporation plant can also process various side streams for combustion in the recovery boiler, including: spent acid from the chloride dioxide generator, brine from tall oil acidulation, bio-sludge, mechanical pulping effluents, lignin removal system  and bark press filtrates, and bleach plant effluents.

The primary target of the evaporation plant is to produce a stable, high-solids black liquor stream for efficient combustion in the recovery boiler. ANDRITZ’s lamella technology and the unique process solution for scaling control reduces washing needs, ensures cleanability, and avoids plugging of heating surfaces, which results in high availability and increases the overall production and efficiency of the mill.

All condensates generated in the evaporation plant are 100% re-useable in other departments of the mill. The condensate qualities and temperatures can be tailored based on customer requirements. ANDRITZ’s unique process design combined with our lamella technology ensures the best achievable steam economy at all times.

Furthermore, our technology reduces energy consumption by liquor circulation pumps, resulting in the lowest power use in the evaporation plant. ANDRITZ's many years of experience and understanding of the evaporation process as well as the high-quality design and equipment make ANDRITZ lamella evaporators easy and safe to use.

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