Metris AVA - Advanced Visual Analysis

AVA, Advanced Visual Analysis, is a measurement system by ANDRITZ that provides operators visual view as usable numbers. This analyzing system is built to all processes and environments, and is available on the cloud or by implementing it on the customer’s site. The solution combines modern image algorithms, cameras, and machine learning with ANDRITZ process and device knowledge.



In order to keep the mill performance at a certain level, mills need to analyze different samples of the process. Sometimes it can be time consuming, expensive or impossible to take a sample with traditional tools from a running mill because of the process temperature, tool reach, high maintenance need or because the measurement is not cost-effective. This creates a need for a new measurement system that does not need to be in physical contact with the sample.


AVA consists of an existing or new camera systems and developed algorithms that analyze process samples from visual sources. This enables online data collection from a running mill via smart phone, security camera or some other device containing the camera. The visual source is transferred to AVA software directly from the camera or by using the AVA mobile application.

AVA is a safe, fast and cost-effective solution that provides reliable, valid and comparable information in real-time. While AVA increases the effectivity of the sample measurements, at the same time it decreases the analyzing time and costs, and provides mills with accurate data. This ensures an immediate response to operational changes which increases the efficiency of the mill.

ANDRITZ offers AVA as a cloud or site based option depending on the mills need. Click the link below to get into AVA Support site.

AVA Support


Benefits with visual analysis



  • Personnel
  • Process
  • Cybersecurity
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  • Balanced processes - less shutdowns - more production
  • Exact and online data - process optimization


  • Balanced processes - less maintenance
  • Raw material and chemical savings
  • Less laboratory analyzes

Available AVA Toolboxes

AVA Recovery Boiler Toolbox

AVA White Liquor Plant Toolbox

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