Maximize the availability of your hydropower plant with Metris DiOMera

Operation and maintenance for better performance

Metris DiOMera is a modular and flexible platform for operation and maintenance of hydropower plants that optimally meets specific customer requirements, preserves the environment and supports operation management. It provides a decision guidance for target-oriented maintenance works considering the lifetime management to define the right scope and moment for the maintenance in order to maximize the availability of the plant.

Benefits at a glance

  • Reduce operational expenditures (OPEX)
  • Maximization of energy production and revenues
  • Ensure plant availability and safety
  • Protect the assets’ value
  • Manage complex and instable boundary conditions
For better performance
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Long-term optimization of assets

Maintenance of the electromechanical equipment is key for a long lifetime of the power plant. The profitability and long-term value of an power plant asset is significantly impacted by the quality of services for operation and maintenance.

To fullfil the requirements remote assistance, emergency troubleshooting and preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance are needed.

Services can range from continuously monitoring of relevant key performance indicators (KPI) up to adaptive operation optimization of multiple units and power plants. Monitoring, diagnosis and analytics of specific environmental conditions, like seasonal sediment load or  cavitation, are additional features.  

Maintenance solutions are provided in a broad range - from inspections on site, remote support during inspection up to recommendations regarding inspection intervals.
With sufficient unit data Metris DiOMera offers the opportunity integrating existing systems and combine the long-term engineering know-how of ANDRITZ Hydro with most modern data analytic methods to reach a higher assessment level of residual lifetime and overall equipment condition.

Metris DiOMera efficiency hill chart

Metris DiOMera efficiency hill chart

Optimization levels

Metris DiOMera is a modular and flexible system to meet customer’s specific needs, protect local environment and support production regulations.  It aims at well targeted maintenance interventions at the right time and to the right extent in order to minimize maintenance effort and maximize availability of the equipment.

Level 1:

Safe and cost efficient operation within prescribed boundaries based on monitoring of signals and trends, dashboard and reports, quantified via KPIs.

Level 2:

Diagnostic and recommendations regarding operation optimization, inspections, maintenance and repair intervals based on real time data, trend analysis, machine experience, remote assistance

Level 3:

Intelligent system for operation optimization and predictive maintenance based on assessment of risk of failure and residual life time, machine experience, real-time data and trend analysis

Additional features

Remote supervision or support services are offered at agreed levels. At request, key performance figures and machine trends can be remotely monitored via a secure data access. Warnings, recommendations regarding operation optimization and maintenance intervals are offered remotely.
With this, support by ANDRITZ Hydro experts are available anytime, both for planned inspections at site and for unforeseen troubleshooting and maintenance works.