ANDRITZ services for evaporation plants

ANDRITZ services help you improve the availability and production of your evaporation plant, condensate handling, and heat recovery equipment.


The challenge

To raise the overall efficiency of your black liquor evaporation plant to improve the dry solids content, segregation and cleaning of condensates, and handling of non-condensable gases, while reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.

The solution

ANDRITZ PULP & PAPER offers you a range of value-added services, to ensure the overall production efficiency of your evaporation plant, condensate handling, and heat recovery equipment. Working in collaboration with your team, we support you by evaluating your operations and then recommending high-payback improvement actions. You can depend upon ANDRITZ’ mill-wide knowledge and years of experience to deliver the proven results cost-effectively. All our operations are carried out in compliance with environmental and quality requirements – plus safety is the highest priority. Challenge us to put our experience, technology, and knowledge to work in your evaporation plant!

ANDRITZ service benefits

  • Pre-planned actions in close cooperation with mill personnel
  • Systematic safety and risk management
  • Higher evaporation capacity and/or dry solids
  • Reliability and cost efficiency
  • Improvements in productivity and energy efficiency
  • Short and effective shut-downs with longer intervals between
  • Improved non-condensable gases handling
  • Lower COD loads

Value-added services offered

  • Rebuilds and retrofits
  • Upgrades and modernizations
  • Field services and inspections
  • Shut-down and start-up services
  • Spare, wear parts, and consumables
  • Service contracts
  • SYNERGY™ agreements

Parts and eqipment for evaporators

  • Lamella packages
  • Tube bundles
  • Shells, dished ends, and vapor ducting
  • Demisters
  • Liquor distribution systems
  • Steam headers
  • Mini skirts
  • Duct stripper
  • Internal service platforms
  • Condensate headers
  • Spare parts

For heat exchangers

  • Complete equipment and systems
  • Heat transfer tubes
  • Shells
  • Zellstoff- und Papierfabrik Rosenthal - SPECTRUM 29

    Good chemistry... Good service

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  • Zellstoff Stendal - SPECTRUM 33

    Never standing still

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