TecnoWeave dewatering belts

Reliable performance for pulp and paper dewatering applications

Pulp and paper production relies on technical wires for stock preparation, filtration, formation, and effluent treatment.

Weaving of TecnoWeave dewatering belt

Weaving of TecnoWeave dewatering belt

ANDRITZ Kufferath has been producing technical wires under the TecnoWeave brand for decades and is the premier supplier today, continuously developing and improving their performance.

One of the most significant applications for TecnoWeave products is dewatering. TecnoWeave dewatering belts deliver a combination of high dewatering capacity and reliable, long-term performance.

Synthetic TecnoWeave dewatering fabric

Synthetic TecnoWeave dewatering fabric

Our range of dewatering belts includes

  • Technoflex belts made of 100% polyester or polyamide or a mixture of polyester and polyamide. The wide range of Technoflex dewatering belts ensures the best solution for your requirements.
  • Technopress belts for high-pressure applications. Made of 100% polyamide for high wear-resistance.
  • Dynapulp triple-layer belts for pulp dewatering on Twin Wire Formers and Fourdriniers
  • Technospiral – spiral belts for easy installation

We provide a wide range of seams (e.g. clipper seam, woven seam, various pin seams) to ensure the best solution for your application.

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