Chips in hand 

The unique 360° stacker reclaimer

A complete chip storage and reclaiming system

ANDRITZ has complete solutions for storing and utilizing wood chips with a unique 360 degree boom-type stacker reclaimer.

The ANDRITZ 360° stacker reclaimer is a complete system that stores and reclaims wood chips in a continuous 360° radial configuration.

The system performs two functions simultaneously: chip stacking and chip reclaiming. The stacker machinery and reclaimer slew independently in a clockwise direction. First, the stacker builds a round storage pile. The length of the pile arc is determined by the space required for the reclaimer and equalizing hopper.

The reclaiming system consists of the reclaimer and an equalizing hopper into which the chips are transferred. The reclaimer follows behind the stacker, collecting chips from the first-built portion of the pile. The stacker reclaimer operates on a true first-in, first-out (FIFO) basis.

The discharge rate is automatically controlled, with the speed of two metering screws in the hopper adjusted to meet capacity requirements of the pulping process. The equalizing hopper discharge is continuously monitored with a belt scale. The ANDRITZ 360° stacker reclaimer also has a special bypass feature to feed chips directly to the discharge hopper from the infeed conveyor.


360° stacker reclaimer chip storage system. MetsäFibre bioproduct mill at Äänekoski, Finland.

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