ADuro G shredder

Flexible and reliable fine-shredding

The ADuro G is capable of processing a variety of different materials and convinces customers in particular with its dynamic application and high-quality shredding results. The main purpose of the shredder is determined by the machine configuration, which can be adapted to optimum benefit for the respective needs. The success of the ADuro G is attributable not only to its flexibility and convincing results, but also to its high operating availability and reliability.

Flexible and versatile shredding with the ADuro G shredder (RS model)


Innovative HMI touch panel


Bird's eye view on ADuro G2000RS shredder


State-of-the-art cutting technology

The ADuro G operates according to the principle of guillotine shears. The input material is cut above rotating knife blocks on stationary knives. The granulating screen mounted underneath with variable hole sizes of 6 to 120 mm determines the output grain size as well as the respective throughput. The cutter blocks are placed in the mountings provided both at the rotor and at the stator. The gap between the cutter blocks is adjustable, which ensures optimum processing of thin and composite materials.



  • Domestic, industrial and bulky waste
  • Tires and oil filters
  • Electrical/electronic scrap
  • Cable scrap
  • Waste from the paper industry
  • Metal composites
  • RDF material (packaging, production residue, commercial waste)
  • Textiles, carpets, PVC flooring

Benefits of the ADuro G

  • Uniform and high quality output fraction
  • Processing of solid, non-hardened metals
  • High performance reserve, also for shredding of challenging materials
  • Adjustable and low-wear cutter blocks,
  • rotatable in four different ways
  • Solid structure to absorb impacts safely
  • Precise setting of the cutting gap for very fine
  • composite materials
  • Robust and reliable rotor
  • Advanced pusher design for higher throughput
  • Energy-efficient machine drive
  • Easy maintenance
  • Exchangeable knife-holding system (RS model)

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    Flexible and reliable fine-shredding

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