Recycling plants for pulper rags

For a long time, pulper rags have gone primarily to landfill. In the past few years, however, their potential has been identified as a secondary raw material source. This waste from the paper industry largely consists of steel wire, which can be recovered and re-used if the right shredding technology is available.

Depending on the requirements, ANDRITZ plants include several shredding stages in order to break down the stubborn rags properly. The robust machine technology with its very hard wearing cutting gear releases the metals (accounting for up to 40% of the content) completely. Impurities are separated into different fractions by subsequent separation processes. The calorific materials are further processed to provide substitute fuels.

Pulper rags recycling plant

For tasks as demanding as the treatment of pulper rags, a two-stage process is recommended. The ADuro C shredder allows very flexible operation for rags of all lengths and diameters at high throughput rates of up to 15 t/h.

In order to avoid any quality issues in the substitute fuel fraction and other subsequent separation technologies, manual sorting can be applied after the first stage in order to remove contaminants from the process.

For reliable post-shredding of the pre-shredded pulper rags, the ADuro G shredder is the best choice. The material is grabbed by the fast-running rotor and shredded in interaction with the fixed stator knives.

For efficient removal of metal wires, it is important to cut the pre-shredded rags to a size of below 40 mm and to loosen up the material. This task is performed perfectly by the ADuro G.

See a pulp and paper rejects recycling plant in action!

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  • Pulper rags



  • Substitute fuels
  • Plastics
  • Steel
  • Other metals

Benefits: Pulper rags recycling

  • Applied process know-how from ANDRITZ ensures minimized operating costs with highly efficient process equipment
  • Single customer interface – entire system, all sub-processes and components from one source
  • Modular system designs allow tailor-made solutions for the specific waste streams
  • Highest cutting performance and capacity of the shredders
  • Extremely wear-resistant rotor, blade blocks and blades
  • Adjustable parameters for influencing the output quality and size
  • Clean output fractions
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