Recycling plants for vehicle parts and tires

Even at the end of their useful life, many of the components in an automobile or other vehicle contain valuable raw materials. Whether it is the metal in oil filters and precious metals in catalytic converters, the aluminum in wheel rims and engine blocks, or the pure rubber in used tires – ANDRITZ has the process technology and expertise to extract and reuse it. More recently, recycling technology has been developed for the growing number of lithium-ion batteries in electric cars.

The main task in recycling end-of-life vehicles and tires is to break them down into their individual components in such a way that the valuable materials can be recovered and effectively processed. For tires, this means breaking the used tire down into its main building blocks – rubber, steel wire, and textiles – so that these components can be recovered with highest purity in a three-stage process.

Used oil filters from vehicles are considered to be hazardous waste, yet their construction is about 60% metal, making recycling cost-effective. With its special tooling, the ADuro G shredder shreds the oil filter in a single-stage process. Then the individual fractions – ferrous fraction, aluminum, paper, rubber, and oil – can be separated easily.