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New ADuro™ shredder line

New brand, new performance

The new ADuroTM* product line for recycling shredders is synonymous with superior ANDRITZ performance, based on the vast know-how and experience of a global technology leader, and with a major focus on durability when it comes to today’s most demanding recycling operations.

In addition to providing complete recycling lines and plants, ANDRITZ Recycling has focused on the key processes to develop excellent single equipment units such as shredders, which are a critical component in any recycling operation.

One step ahead in the recycling industry

All ADuro recycling machines can be equipped with innovative IIoT features to monitor machine behavior and improve plant reliability to achieve the optimum operating point.

* Trademark of the ANDRITZ GROUP. For information regarding ownership and countries of registration, please visit

Michael Waupotitisch

“The ADuro brand reflects our strong focus on R&D and stands for continuously enhanced shredder design with IIoT features to achieve the optimum operating point.”

Michael Waupotitsch
Vice President, ANDRITZ Reject and Recycling

Get to know the new ADuro product line for recycling shredders from ANDRITZ

Discover the ADuro shredder portfolio

and find the best solution for your recycling operation!

The ADuro product line comprises a broad range of innovative machines for primary and secondary shredding, fine granulation as well as breaking up material composites.

ADuro shredders are perfectly suitable for processing almost all raw materials in the recycling industry and can also be installed easily in existing facilities, which keeps shutdown times for installation purposes to a minimum.

ADuro P shredder

Pre-shredding of large quantities of domestic, commercial and industrial waste into manageable sizes

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ADuro C shredder

Whenever waste needs to be shredded for further processing, ADuro C lays the foundation for a successful recycling process.

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ADuro U shredder

A robust multi-talent in processing difficult materials down to small particle sizes in a single step

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ADuro S shredder

A compact, robust and innovative secondary shredder with a maximum rotor length of 3,200 mm

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ADuro G shredder

Processing of a wide variety of materials to high quality thanks to a cutting technology based the principle of guillotine shears

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ADuro H shredder

A horizontally fed and high-speed rotating shredder perfect to process refuse-derived fuels, municipal solid waste and industrial waste

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ADuro F shredder

The perfect solution for efficient fine grinding of pre-shredded input material like wood, paper or cardboard

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ADuro M shredder

The right fit to achieve defined, pure-grade granule sizes of secondary raw materials to be used for the production of new products

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ADuro QZ shredder

Gently opening up of various material composites from e-scrap and refrigerators to bio-waste

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