ANDRITZ Gouda contact drum dryer

For more than a century, food products have been dried industrially. Since its early years ANDRITZ Gouda has been specialized in food processing lines, based on advanced drum drying technology. Nowadays it is used for a large range of products, from baby food to chemicals.

The ANDRITZ Gouda drum dryer with its continuous indirect drying method, allows short heat retention times while evaporating all the liquid within a single rotation of the drum. It not only virtually eliminates the risk of damaging the product but also enables the product to keep its unique properties like taste, smell, texture, etc.

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ANDRITZ Gouda single drum dryer, KD model

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ANDRITZ Gouda drum dryer for starch drying


  • high thermal efficiency
  • ultimate stability and a long, continuous lifecycle
  • designed in accordance with the highest hygienic standards
  • several versions to fullfil the requirements of different applications
  • vacuum drying for heat sensitive product components




  • Cereal-based baby food
  • Milk
  • Animal proteins
  • Yeast
  • Pre-gelatinized starch
  • Gelatin
  • Potatoes
  • Fruit

The drum drying process

The drum body of the drum dryer is heated on the inside by steam. A special composition of cast iron gives the drier a combination of favourable properties: accurate shape retention even at high steam pressure and temperature, and excellent "scraping properties" for the scraping knife.

Steam heating gives a uniform temperature distribution over the drum surface and this results in a consistent product quality. The steam condenses on the inside of the drying drum. The condensate is continuously removed from the drum, so that the largest possible surface area remains available on the inside of the drum for condensation of the steam. The steam system is a closed system, which means that the product cannot come into contact with the steam or condensate.

Depending on the design of the drum dryer, the product is applied continuously as a thin film on the underside or top of the main drum. As the drum rotates and is heated on the inside, the product dries on the outside of the drum surface. The short exposure to a high temperature reduces the risk of damage to the product. The water or solvent evaporates and leaves the process at the top. If necessary, the vapour can also be sucked off locally around the drum. The dried product film finally reaches the knife and is scraped off.

In a double drum dryer the product is fed into the sump between the two main drums (which always rotate in opposite directions). The small gap between the drums can be set accurately to obtain a desired film layer (either with a standard manual gap adjustment or with ReGain, a servo-motor driven gap adjustment on T10).​

Safe hands, total supervision

For the easy, hygienic drying of everything from baby / infant food to toxic chemicals, ANDRITZ Gouda is with you every step of the process. Product treatment before and after drying receives our equal attention. From kitchen preparation through to mill sifting and pneumatic transport, ANDRITZ Gouda offers you practical solutions as well as access to a wealth of informed research.

Protective thermal spray coating (HVAF)

For better wear resistance, the thermal spray coating is a perfect alternative to chromium coating, with the same properties in terms of surface finish and heat transfer. The combination of hardness and the dense structure of the layer makes the thermal spray coating less sensitive to impact damage and provides better protection against acidic products.

Our thermal spray coating technique for drum dryers by means of high-velocity air fuel (HVAF) provides a dense layer, harder than chromium yet more ductile, and highly wear-resistant, which guarantees a long life cycle, and is available for all makes and models of contact drum dryers, regardless of whether it is for a new machine or as upgrade to an existing one.

ANDRITZ thermal spray coating for drum dryers complies with European and US regulations. The technique is very suitable for parts coming into contact with food (food-grade system), chemical or pharmaceutical products.

Protective thermal spraying process (HVAF)


Realizing the future vision

Our technology is developing further and further: our third generation of drum dryers has been realized.

  • A 100% closed system, also for vacuum operation;
  • A system with minimum energy consumption and dust emission (a complicated filter system is unnecessary);
  • Machines that are designed in accordance with the highest hygienic standards, thereby giving a guarantee of optimal hygienic during the complete production process. ANDRITZ Gouda's engineering and process departments are familiar with HACCP and EHEDG.

Our quality insurance consists of certification by ASME, TÜV, European PED CE and other local certificates no matter where in the world.

Knife holder

The well-thought-out construction of the knife holder guarantees an even pressure over the total length of the drum. The use of specific materials prevents vibrations as a result of scraping and guarantees uniform product removal. The pressure of the knife can be controlled simply and this is done outside the process area.

Separate process area

In the design, a clear distinction is made between the process section of the dryer and the mechanical parts. This, for instance, prevents the risk of contamination by lubricants (or contamination of the lubricants due to leakage of the product). It also improves the accessibility of parts for adjustment, inspection and maintenance.

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