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Fluid bed dryer and cooler

Unlimited fluid bed processing with ANDRITZ fluid bed dryers and cooles

With its experience and target-oriented development of process solutions in their own pilot plants, ANDRITZ is able to provide you with the optimum solution for your process. No matter whether the best type of fluid bed is static, vibrating, high-temperature, or a unit with built-in heat exchangers, feeding or processing devices: ANDRITZ has them all and will find the best set-up for your particular requirements. A wide variety of design features, such as air distribution plates and different types of heat exchangers, enables ANDRITZ to put together the ideal fluid bed for your application.

Fluid bed dryers for coal

An unmatched portfolio to meet your requirements

Fluid bed dryers are available for various industries, from the environment to biomass, to food and animal feed, and on to minerals and chemicals.

Depending on your requirements, we can handle particle size from 50 μm to 10 mm, with a fluidized area from 0.2 to 100 m².

Features and benefits at a glance

  • Low attrition and breakage of material due to gentle processing
  • High heat and mass transfer rates achievable due to efficient processing
  • Flexible when facing fluctuations 
  • Combined drying and cooling (no product transportation equipment required between both processes)
  • Easy to maintain

Convective fluid bed DDC - simple and effective

The most basic type of fluid bed comes with a static housing and without internal heat exchangers. Heating or cooling is performed by convection from the fluidization gas, and product transport through the unit is provided by the hydraulic like characteristic of the fluidized layer. 

Although our typical design comes with a rectangular footprint, we can also supply a round design for special applications, for example high supply gas temperatures or increased operating pressures. 

DDC - best fit for:

  • Products with medium to good flow characteristics 
  • Products with uniform and constant particle size distribution

Your benefits:

  • Operating safety
  • Compact layout – no separate cooler required
  • Minimum maintenance requirements
  • Easy to clean
  • High safety standards

Fluid bed dryer/cooler DDC for salt


Fluid bed dryer/cooler VDC for sodium sulfate


Vibrating fluid bed VDC for reliable processing for any product

Vibrating fluid beds are used for handling products with poorer fluidization properties. Vibration together with directed or non-directed gas flow provides an optimized process for gentle drying with controlled residence time.

Our vibrating units are also available in pressure-shock resistant and sanitary design. 

VDC - best fit for:

  • Products with critical properties: fibers, sticky materials
  • Particles with a broad size distribution range
  • Coarse materials
  • Multi-purpose applications

Your benefits:

  • Operating safety, also under fluctuating conditions
  • Product flow is maintained, even without fluidization
  • Versatile - different products can be processed with the same equipment

Spray granulator SGS for calcium chloride


Fluid bed dryer/cooler HDC for PVC


Each ANDRITZ fluid bed system is fully customized to clients‘ requirements


High capacities at maximum efficiency with heat exchanger fluid bed HDC

The use of internal heat exchangers inside the fluidized layer was an important step for fluid bed technology, allowing high-performance drying and cooling in one unit. The combined use of convection and conduction allows large amounts of heat to be transferred in a compact set-up. It also makes fluidization and heat input independent of one another.

Due to the reduced amounts of fluidizing gas, the auxiliary equipment required for gas treatment is much smaller. Systems efficiency is improved because there are less exhaust gas losses. The static system set-up also allows the unit to be run in a closed loop under inert conditions with highest safety standards. 

HDC - best fit for:

  • Applications and products with medium to high mass flow rates
  • Commodities
  • Products with temperature limitation

Your benefits:

  • High efficiency due to reduced off-gas losses 
  • Smaller supply and exhaust air equipment for reduced amounts of fluidizing gas
  • Smaller footprint than convective systems
  • Highest safety features with inert closed loop operation

Spray granulation (SGS) in a fluid bed is a smart technology to combine several process steps in a single piece of equipment

Whenever it is reasonable or necessary to start thermal drying from a liquid phase, spray granulation is the first choice. The liquid feed material is atomized in suitable nozzles and sprayed onto the surface of the granules inside the bed. As the liquid
phase evaporates, the granules grow in layers, like an onion. The result is a stable and spherical granulate with controlled properties like shape, density, hardness, and particle size.

Best fit:

  • Solutions
  • Suspensions
  • Melts


  • Direct processing from liquid to dry granules
  • Evaporation, granulation, and drying in one single unit
  • Flexible configurations (side spray, bottom spray, top spray)
  • Spherical particles of controlled size

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