Ucego vacuum table filter
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Fertilizers at the lowest OPEX: maximum extraction of phosphoric acid

with UCEGO® rotating table filter

UCEGO® table filter is a technology developed in the early 60’s, owned by Technip Energies and partnered with ANDRITZ which is the sole and exclusive supplier for the technology since 2018 (including for the spare parts business).

The UCEGO® table filter is a vacuum filtration system, composed of single table divided into sections (30 or 36 cells, with 3 or 4 troughs), designed with a floating table concept (horizontality within a tolerance less than ±3 mm). In principle, the slurry is distributed on the system and cleaned with a counter-current floodwashing. At the end of the process, the discharge is ensured by a screw conveyor.

Ucego table filter

Ucego® rotating table filter in acid phosphoric plant



  • No distortion from thermal expansion thanks to floating table concept and horizontality within a tolerance less than ±3 mm (the filter table in stainless steel expands but stays horizontal)
  • Maximize filtration rate for all applications (phosphoric acid, potash slimes), thanks to design of 30 or 36 cells with 3 or 4 troughs -  each cell with a pronounced 10° slope with a maximum 0.85m for the liquids to be collected 
  • Higher production rate thanks to its ability to rotate very fast




  • Phosphoric acid
  • Potash slimes

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