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Vacuum and pressure drum filters, YU and PYU

The advantages of the vacuum drum filter YU and pressure drum filter PYU, formerly the Bird Young rotary filter, lie in thin cake applications, where highest filtration rates are combined with high washing rates, highest solids throughput rates, and all this also under gas-tight or pressurized conditions.

The YU / PYU filter is best suited for free-filtering materials, where it can benefit from the much higher filtration rates. Its unique, single-cell design provides for very high filtration capacity (5-10 times higher than conventional drum filters), excellent cake washing due to thinner cakes, and smaller space requirements.


Vacuum drum filter YU


Drum detail

The vacuum drum filter YU is available in various stainless steel materials and a wide range of sizes. Due to the long history of the single-cell design, the YU vacuum drum filter design has been proven in many applications.

Your benefits

  • Highest filtration performance
  • Visual inspection of process area
  • Highest vacuum area (up to 93%) due to single-cell design
  • Highest solids throughput rates
  • Excellent cake washing
  • Ease of operation
  • High rotation speed
  • Quick initial formation of thin cake
  • Unrestricted gas flow

High-capacity vacuum filtration with ANDRITZ drum filters YU and PYU




Terephtalic acid, bisphenol A, polymers, sodium sulfate, boric acid, explosives, aspirin, antibiotics, medical intermediates, sodium bicarbonate



Winterized salad oils, stearates, sodium bicarbonate, starch

Processing parameters

Average particle size50-300 µm
Filtration capacityup to 4,500 l/m2h
Solids throughputup to 3,500 kg/m2h
Gas-tight operationpossible
Operating temperatureup to 95 °C

Your savings

  • Lower space requirements
  • Fewer machines required
  • No agitation necessary

Dimensions and weight

Filter area 



12" x 4"3001000,43200,18101.3001.220
18" x 12"4503051,58100,51.8501.8301.470
18" x 24"4506102,29600,91.5501.8301.470
3' x 3'9009154,02.2302,82.3401.4001.400
4' x 4'1.2001.22015,05.0904,92.8501.8001.880
4' x 6'1.2001.83015,05.8807,23.4501.8001.880
5,5' x 6'1.6501.83018,59.4809,84.2702.5402.490
5,5' x 8'1.6502.44018,511.04513,04.8802.5402.490
5,5' x 10'1.6503.05018,512.62016,35.4902.5402.490
5,5' x 12'1.6503.66022,014.18019,26.0952.5402.490
6,5' x 12'1.9503.66037,033.00025,08.0802.7103.250
8' x 14'2.4004.27045,050.51035,09.2953.3804.250

All technical data are approximate and subject to change without notice.
* Power requirements in kW for drum drive (excl. vacuum and filtrate pump), depending on application.
** Operating weight of filter includes filling (approximate data)


Vacuum drum filter YU outline

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