Aqua-Guard fine screen

ANDRITZ Aqua-Guard fine screen

Self-washing continuous fine screen

Our Aqua-Guard fine screen is one of the simplest screening systems on the market (ease of installation, low supervision and maintenance), with a sequential functioning (increase screening capacity, avoid the purchase of a downstream screening device, reduce water and energy consumption).

Aqua-Guard fine screen

The self-cleaning Aqua-Guard continuous belt screen has been a pioneer in this field and remains the reference for fine screening.


Aqua-Guard includes a cost efficient filtering element replacement. The uses of multiple ABS teeth allow a limited stock with one of the best efficiency on the market.

With more than 6,000 references and recognized as the most efficient headwork screen, the ANDRITZ SEPARATION Aqua-Guard fine screen is the most reliable screen you can find. Using the functional principle of a moving/lifting staircase, the Aqua-Guard fine screen allows, as the flow passes through the screen, to replace separated elements by using exchangeable and proven ABS teeth. This unique system of retractable teeth allows the Aqua-Guard fine screen to be self-cleaning (at the top of the machine). To eliminate the sticky and fine particles from the screen, a system of rotating brush comes to increase the cleaning performance. Its bi-dimensional mesh system makes it ideal for any installation of screening. Hence, our Aqua-Guard fine screen is one of the most reliable and proven equipment (lifespan up to 20 years).


  • The material piles up, partially blinding the screen and increasing the effectiveness and the sharpness of separation
  • Large quantities of screening material form layers, which can be more easily extracted from the screening element with our cleaning devices
  • Existing screen systems can be replaced by Aqua-Guard fine screen without  channel modifications
  • No immersed rotary parts (maintenance ease and increased lifetime)
  • Large lifting capacity (volume, heavy load) due to the shape of the teeth
  • Adapted for various applications, as municipal, industrial, slaughter houses, tannery...
  • Most sophisticated cleaning system on the market (triple cleaning system) avoiding complementary cleaning and stop in the treatment



  • Municipal: Intake channels, screening at inlet of sewage treatment plant, fine screening ahead of sludge treatment, biofilters
  • Water intake: Rivers, lakes, sea water
  • Industrial: Pulp and paper, textile industry, tanneries, bleaching, dyeing


  • Food processing: Meat processing, slaughterhouses, vegetable and fruit processing, food industry, wineries, breweries


Delta HMesh
MNC300 - 1,0001 - 2150 - 8002501

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