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Create value with mechanical recycling

ANDRITZ tearing machines for recycling textiles offer a great plus efficiency and reliability

ANDRITZ Laroche is a unique competence center for mechanical textile recycling. With close to a century of experience in the fine art of textile processes, we offer high quality, efficient and proven solutions.

Our technical  center offers you the possibility to test and verify our technical solutions on industrial equipment and our sales and spare parts team follows each customer to the end of the life of the machines.

There is more than this!

Please note that these pages on textile recycling represent only one facet of ANDRITZ's offering in the field of textile recycling. Primarily, machines and lines are presented here that use the tearing principle for grinding textile waste. A complete overview of all ANDRITZ processes - mechanical, chemical, circular - for the treatment of textile waste can be found here:

Textile Recycling Main Page

A wide field of possibilities

Recycling at the highest level is one of the central topics for the next decade. Both consumers and government institutions are paying more and more attention to the topic. In the textile sector in particular, the pressure is growing due to the unabated demand for resources. 
ANDRITZ offers optimal recycling lines and equipment for industrial and pre-/post-consumer waste. The application and/or use of recycled textiles is worthwhile for many industries as the CO2 footprint required in many countries is improved for the companies.

Overview destination of recycling process     Overview ANDRITZ recycling technologies

From textile fibers to new products for spinning and nonwovens: Mechanical recycling configurations and further processing


Features of ANDRITZ recycling technology

  • Market development pioneers
    High-level expertise to assess the recyclability of customers’end-productsAlmost 100 years of experience in machine technology for textile recycling
  • Adapted to customer needs: ANDRITZ CADET, ANDRITZ EXEL and ANDRITZ JUMBO EXEL
  • Numerous adaptation possibilities and a sophisticated arsenal of additional optional equipment
  • Complete tearing lines from a capacity of 50 kg/h up to 3,000 kg/h

From textiles waste to high quality yarn for the spinning industry or fibers for the nonwovens industry


Almost 100

years of experience

More than

1,000 ANDRITZ recycling machines installed worldwide

Best practice and service

due to many years experience in the relevant markets

Up to 3,000 kg/h

capacity of a single line

ANDRITZ recycling by destination and end-use:

Cotton soft wastes recycling

Cottonizing lines

Hard wastes recycling for respinning

Post consumer clothings for nonwovens

Hard waste recycling for nonwovens

ANDRITZ recycling lines and technology:

Herkules in capacity: ANDRITZ JUMBO EXEL

Designed for high production capacity. Available from 2 to 6 opening sections. Adjustable settings while running. Perforated cage rolls out the machine for easy maintenance and cleaning.

The specialist for medium volumes: ANDRITZ EXEL

Designed for the recycling of all hard textile wastes for optimized fiber quality. Available from 2 to 6 opening sections. Adjustable settings while running.

Smart and flexible production: ANDRITZ CADETTE

Designed for in house recycling of spinning, weaving, knitting and drylaid nonwoven wastes. Available from 2 to 6 opening sections.

Recycling equipment and machines

Metal detection (DMX), fiber lubrication, baling system, perfectly designed for all ANDRITZ Laroche machinery and other equipment

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