ANDRITZ TMP reboiler

ANDRITZ heat recovery and evaporation systems for mechanical pulp mills

Mechanical pulp mills consume considerable energy in the production of pulp.  ANDRITZ provides technologies to recover and reuse “waste” heat from the process and the water from effluent streams that might normally be sent for further downstream processing. 

ANDRITZ TMP reboiler

ANDRITZ TMP reboiler

Minimize waste – capture and reuse precious resources

The goals in any mill are to utilize virtually 100% of incoming raw materials, eliminate wastes, and minimize the amount of fresh or make-up resources required.  This makes sense both economically and environmentally.

ANDRITZ has developed effective systems and processes for recovering and reusing energy (heat recovery systems) and effluent streams (effluent evaporators) from mechanical or semi-mechanical pulping processes.  In addition, ANDRITZ technology is available for separating turpentine from the pulping process and making it available as an additional revenue stream for the mill.

ANDRITZ systems recover what once was considered “waste” heat from the process and regenerate it as fresh steam, which can be used to offset the burning of fossil fuels. At the same time, turpentine can be recovered from the effluent, resulting in a saleable by-product and minimizing VOC emissions to the atmosphere.

ANDRITZ also supplies effluent evaporators which recover water from the mill effluents for reuse.  The highly concentrated effluent remaining can be further processed to recover chemicals and energy.

Processes and technologies available from ANDRITZ

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