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Sawmill products

Chipping and debarking technology

ANDRITZ sawmill products include debarking and chipping equipment.  All sawmill chipping products, like the PowerHead canter, use the well-known TurnKnife system. This equipment is in use in sawmills around the world – operating on various wood species in a variety of climates. The technology is proven, robust, and highly efficient.

Chipping products

Canter heads for plane reducers

The PowerHead is a solid canter head that fits most of sawmill canters on the market. PowerHead is designed to provide optimal operating conditions for the well-known TurnKnife System III (TK-III). The combination of a PowerHead and TK-III delivers uniform and high chip quality, a long knife running time and requiring minimal maintenance or service. The PowerHead is adapted for SCAN-CM 40:01, a standard method for classifying cellulose chip size fractions in many countries around the world. The PowerHead is available with from three to eight "knives" in face knives or face saw versions.

PowerHead canter with face knives

PowerHead canter with face saw

Benefits of the PowerHead/TurnKnife combination

  • Safety and efficiency – no knife grinding
  • Increased capacity in the saw line due to the TurnKnife’s long running time and easy knife changes
  • High chip quality due to optimal cutting geometry and precise knife position in the cassette
  • Low energy consumption
  • Few wear components which can be easily exchanged – minimal maintenance costs
  • Three-step version available
  • Chip quality optimization possible using the ANDRITZ optical ScanChip analyzer

Conical and drum chipping heads

ANDRITZ offers many other types of chipping heads – all equipped with TurnKnife for a long running time between knife changes.

  • Variable Geometry Head (VGH)
  • Helical Solid Head (HSH)
  • Chip-N-Saw Style Drum heads (TKD)
  • Mini-Spline heads
  • Multi-Spline heads
  • Reman Edger heads
  • Curve Saw Gang heads

TurnKnife systems for drum and disc chippers

The TurnKnife is a high-quality knife system that, due to its special design and manufacturing precision, produces chips of the best quality over a long period of time. The system is based on an easily manageable knife with two edges.

Produced from the highest quality alloy chromium steel, the knives are specially treated during manufacturing to provide a much longer edge life than conventional knives. The TurnKnife has a double-edge and is reversible which eliminates knife grinding. The patented shape design ensures precise and consistent knife location to maximize chipping performance.

Upgrading a chipper with the TurnKnife system improves chip quality and chipper performance with excellent economics.

Drum chipper TurnKnife cassette

TurnKnife features

  • Improved safety and efficiency with light knives and no knife grinding
  • Easy and fast knife changes
  • Precise and consistent knife location
  • Long running time between knife changes
  • High and uniform chip quality

Debarking products

Tools for Cambio* debarkers

Campro is a high performance debarking tool, which comprises debarking tips and advanced tool holders. Its superior strength and lower weight result in a smoother debarking operation by reducing tool tension. The W-shaped profile adds strength and efficiency, reducing maintenance costs and increasing productivity. Since it can be easily adjusted to meet a variety of working conditions, Campro debarking tools deliver cleanly debarked logs.

The design of the Pyramo tip ensures that it is always accurately positioned in its holder. Errors in tool circles and tool lengths are virtually eliminated, thereby producing better debarking results. The superior debarking edge of the four-sided Pyramo tip, as well as the correct angle, allows for increased capacity through the debarker. Pyramo tips allow a worn edge to be replaced in a simple operation with minimal production downtime.

* Cambio is a registered trademark of Söderhamn Eriksson AB

Campo Trimax

Benefits of Campro debarking tools

  • Effective debarking
  • Light and strong tool arm
  • Soft tool opening and closing
  • Minimal fiber damage
  • Adjustable tip angles
  • Improved bark flow
  • Low maintenance costs

Tools for Nicholson debarkers

Crestool is an integrated system for Nicholson debarkers. It includes high performance tools and advanced tool holders and debarking tips. The superior strength and low weight contributes to smooth operation by reducing tool tension. Crestool is an innovative system designed to improve the debarking process, reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity.

ANDRITZ picture

Benefits of Crestool debarking tools

  • Reduced bark content
  • Strong tool arm
  • Soft tool opening and closing
  • Minimal fiber damage
  • Adjustable tip angles
  • Low maintenance costs

Helical Solid Head HSH with TurnKnife system III

PowerHead canter

TurnKnife system III for Chipping heads (TKC) -        Mini spline

TurnKnife system III for Chipping heads (TKC) - Multi spline

PowerHead - Next Generation

TurnKnife system III for Drum heads (TKD)

Variable Geometry Head VGH with TurnKnife              system III

TurnKnife system III for Drum heads (TKD) -             Double bolt desig

  • Innovative solutions for chipping and debarking PDF : 2.4 MB
  • Campro and Crestool Debarking Tools PDF : 1.1 MB