Low-energy concept for screw press

A case study with extraordinary results

When the time came to replace a worn screw press shaft, the target was mainly to maintain output volume and quality. But the new Low-Energy Screw Shaft (LESS) did better, slashing energy consumption as well.

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Extraordinary results

  • Energy savings of >5 kWh/t
  • Production increase of 25%
  • ROI ~2 years
  • Increase in outlet consistency

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The challenge

The ANDRITZ screw press was installed in the DIP line of a European paper mill that supplies pulp for white top liner and LWC. The project target was straightforward: The upgraded screw press should deliver at least the same quality and throughput as before. However, ANDRITZ had some new ideas …

Upgrade scope

  • New LESS shaft with special screw geometry and coating enabling the same production capacity and outlet dryness at reduced speed.
  • Grooved basket screens avoiding pulp rotation and supporting even and faster pulp transport through the press at a lower energy consumption.
  • Tangential inlet reducing hydraulic load due to a better and evenly distributed filling of the press.

The results

The results exceeded our customer's expectations. The LESS design can be used on all types of screw presses. Such optimizations show that smaller changes to single machines or subsidiary systems also have an influence on the ecological footprint of the entire mill.

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