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Spend a day with our experts Thomas Pabst and Laura Liukkonen

ANDRITZ has a number of dedicated research and development centers around the globe which can test and evaluate almost anything that might go through the pulp or tissue production processes. These centers also offer ANDRITZ experts the opportunity to proactively keep ahead of the game in trialing different machine setups as well as experimenting with various raw materials from around the world in order to create the best possible fiber-based products.

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The design and equipment of the ANDRITZ Fiber & Tissue R&D Centers are tailored to cater not only to customers but also to research institutes, universities, and industry suppliers. These state-of-the-art facilities provide a unique opportunity for all stakeholders to conduct trials under authentic industrial conditions. Customers can mitigate risks associated with venturing into new markets, exploring novel raw materials, or testing innovative production technologies for their existing operations.

With over 10 years experience in the pulp and paper industry Laura Liukkonen heads the Fiber R&D Centers of ANDRITZ in Graz, Springfield and Foshan.

One of our tissue experts is Thomas Pabst, Tissue Machine Operator at the PrimeLineTIAC in Graz, Austria.

Laura at the Fiber R&D Center Graz


Laura at the lab


The Fiber R&D center accommodates customers from around the world, and a majority of them prefer to personally visit the facility to witness their trials firsthand. “Around 90% of our customers like to come here in person so they can witness their raw materials being trialed and tested for themselves,” says Laura.

“Although it can be stressful, it is the most effective method as it allows for immediate collaboration and resolution if any issues arise, which they often do.”

Thomas at the PrimeLineTIAC


Thomas operates the tissue machine


Thomas studied pulp and paper technology at the University of Graz and is a fully qualified paper technician with over 13 years of practical experience. Not only does Thomas love challenges in business, but in his private life as well, no matter what role he finds himself in. Sometimes he is a fire-fighter saving lives, other times he works night shifts at the Austrian Red Cross and even delivers babies. On his days off, he loves to let off steam by flying his model plane.

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Laura Liukkonen

ANDRITZ Global Director,

Fiber R&D Center


Thomas Pabst

Tissue Machine Operator, PrimeLineTIAC

Tissue Innovation and Application Center

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