Erwin Walcher, Senior Sales Manager Tissue


A day in the life of Erwin Walcher, Senior Sales Manager for tissue machines

One of our tissue experts is Erwin Walcher from the ANDRITZ tissue sales team in Graz, Austria. He joined ANDRITZ in 1978 as a trainee in the workshop and then gained extensive experience as part of the site installations team for paper machines.

Erwin at a project meeting

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Erwin at the tissue pilot plant in Graz

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For more than 10 years he was in charge of many projects that took him all over the world. His key regions and markets were Germany, Spain, Egypt, the Nordic countries, and Indonesia. For about 20 years now, Erwin has been taking care of tissue sales projects. He is our expert when it comes to dry-crepe machines and steel Yankees. His key customers are the larger Eastern European and Asian tissue suppliers.

The perfect balance for his working life is his beautiful fruit garden at home
where he can relax and recharge his batteries.

Erwin at his vineyard

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Erwin on the way to a customer

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“I really enjoy working for ANDRITZ. Our head office in Graz is full of life and contains many different cultures. We have decades of expertise in the tissue industry, and we have already installed many proven key components and complete lines successfully all over the world.” Erwin Walcher, Senior Sales Manager Tissue at ANDRITZ

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