Introducing the new ANDRITZ dDrive

Innovative design for easy dismounting of drive rolls

Are you faced with the task of dismounting the drive rolls in your twin wire press for regrinding or roll cover replacement? With the groundbreaking ANDRITZ dDrive, this process becomes swift and effortless and helps you minimize maintenance expenses and machine downtime. Let us demonstrate its efficiency.

In conventional twin wire presses, the roll drive typically consists of two planetary gearboxes with torque arms in both directions, often with motors directly flanged onto the gearboxes and connected to the drive roll journal via a shrink disc. However, this traditional setup has some downsides: Disassembling the gearbox is complicated due to limited access to the shrink disc coupling. Removal of only the lower roll is impractical due to the presence of torque arms. High stress is exerted on each drive side roll journal and bearing, which bear the weight of the gearbox and motor as well as the load of the torque arms.

New patented ANDRITZ dDrive

Revolutionary design

The patented ANDRITZ dDrive revolutionizes this system by redistributing the entire load of motors and gearboxes onto reinforced bearing housings, while a gear lantern acts as a torque arm, transferring the torque force to the machine frame. Additionally, an easy-to-access tooth coupling replaces the cumbersome shrink disc.

Discover the simplicity of dismantling a single drive roll with our step-by-step video.

The ANDRITZ dDrive can be adapted to all twin wire press drives with torque arms and can be customized to fit all sizes of presses.

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