ANDRITZ Novimpianti

Air and energy systems for tissue, paper and board machines

We offer a broad range of technologies for tissue, paper and board machines meeting the challenges of drying and ventilation head-on: highest drying capacity, lowest energy consumption, and environmentally friendly production.

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ANDRITZ Novimpianti has more than 40 years of experience designing, installing, and servicing drying technology for all kinds of paper and board, MG, and tissue installations around the world. The company provides the paper and board industry with innovative, heavy-duty, competitive, and eco-friendly hoods, steam and condensate systems, heat recovery units, mist elimination, and ventilation systems – for new machines or modernization of existing equipment.

ANDRITZ Novimpianti has a strong, customer-centered approach to engineering, manufacturing, installation, start-up, and service to enable its customers to maximize their return on investment as quickly as possible.


“Combining our expertise in air and energy systems for paper machines with ANDRITZ’s expertise gives customers a full range of solutions.”

Managing Director, ANDRITZ Novimpianti

Product range:

  • Air and steam drying solutions for tissue like for example oil- or gas heated Yankee hoods (PrimeDry Hood), steam-heated Yankee hoods (PrimeDry Hoods ST), cogeneration gas-heated Yankee hoods  (PrimeDry Hood CHP), steam-condensate systems (PrimeDry SC), Yankee Eco Steam systems (PrimeDry YES), or heat recovery systems (PrimeDry Heat Recovery).
  • Dust, mist, and hall ventilation systems for tissue like for example dust control equipment for tissue machines (PrimeDustEXT) and rewinders (PrimeDustEXT R), tissue former mist control systems (PrimeMistEXT), or tissue converting line dust control systems (PrimeDustControl C).
  • Drying and ventilation systems for paper and board like for example closed paper machine hoods (PrimeDry Hood C), oil- or gas-heated Yankee hoods (PrimeDry MG Hood), steam-heated Yankee hoods (PrimeDry MG Hood ST), heat recovery systems (PrimeDry Heat Recovery), or steam and condensate systems (PrimeDry SC).
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ANDRITZ Novimpianti is a dynamic place to work, where success is the result of dedicated and experienced employees. We pride ourselves on providing unique engineered solutions to our customers' needs. We depend on our employees’ perceptions, creative ideas and enterprising spirits to create our success. If you are interested in becoming an integral part of a dynamic team of professionals and the opportunity to be part of the future of a worldwide company, you should consider a career with us.

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History of ANDRITZ Novimpianti S.r.l., Italy

More than 30 years of experience

2018Since June 2018, Novimpianti Drying Technology is part of the ANDRITZ GROUP. Combining Novimpianti’s products and expertise with the experienced ANDRITZ team means customers have a superb range of engineered solutions for productivity, quality and sustainability.
2014Supply of three drying systems including hood fed by 7.5 MW gas turbine, starting up in 2015, to a leading Asian Tissue producer.
201330 years of Novimpianti
2012The company is awarded an order for sixteen complete drying packages, including high efficiency hood, heat recovery, steam/condensate system, dust and mist removal, from a relevant Asian tissue producer.
2010Novimpianti supplies seven Top Temperature (TT) Yankee hoods, one for a major German tissue producer and six to Asia.
2009The “YES” heat recovery steam generator from hood exhaust is patented and installed.
2006A main Asian paper group purchases ten high efficiency Yankee hoods from Novimpianti.
2004Novimpianti delivers its first Top Temperature (TT) Yankee hood for 650°C to an Italy customer.
2003The company moves to the new headquarters in Marlia.
2001Novimpianti supplies its first dust removal system for tissue rewinders.
1997The first dust removal system for tissue machines is supplied.
1994Installation of the first high efficiency hood fed by a gas turbine.
1993Delivery of the first closed insulated hood to an Italian paper producer.
1992The first high efficiency hood for tissue drying is supplied to an Italian customer.
1986The company supplies its first turnkey projects.
1983Novimpianti S.r.l. is founded in Lucca, Italy, by the two partners Pietro Saccomano and Massimo Giannecchini with the purpose of designing and realizing solutions for the tissue, paper and board industry.

ANDRITZ Novimpianti S.r.l. | Marlia, Capannori (Lucca)

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ANDRITZ Novimpianti S.r.l. | Marlia, Capannori (Lucca)
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