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Over the last years, we have been enjoying successful cooperation and partnership.  Since it is our mutual interest in continuing on this path to sustainable success, we have created this special page on our website to keep you updated about brochures, videos, and other news.

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Whether you joined us as a sales agent very recently or have been working with us for decades, we totally rely on you valuable support and precious feedback to continuously improve our services and cooperation with our global sales agent network. Thus, we kindly ask you for your opinion about our cooperation and services so far and how we can improve it. We created a brief survey which should not take you longer than fifteen minutes to fill out. You can take part in this survey during the next two weeks. Your feedback is highly appreciated! Take part in the survey.

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Corporate manual for agents

In order to give you a total overview of the new corporate design rather those areas which are relevant for your business, we have put together a special corporate design manual for agents.

ANDRITZ corporate manual for external sales agents (English)



Image brochureEnglishGerman
Research & DevelopmentEnglishGerman


Water and waste waterEnglishGermanSpanishFrench

Pulp and paperEnglishGermanSpanishFrenchChinese


Singel-stage centrifugal pump, ACP seriesEnglishGermanSpanishFrench
Concrete volute pump, CVP seriesEnglishGerman

Double-suction submersible motor pump, HDM seriesEnglishGerman

High-pressure pump, HP seriesEnglishGerman

Medium-consistency pump, MC seriesEnglishGerman

Multi-stage axial split case pump, ASPM seriesEnglishGerman

Pumps used as turbinesEnglishGerman

Sewage pump, dry, VP and CP seriesEnglishGerman

Split case pump, ASP seriesEnglishGerman

MST. Modular Shaft TechnologyEnglishGerman

Submersible motor, SM seriesEnglishGerman

Submersible motor pump, SU seriesEnglishGerman

Vertical submerged pump, SAT and CAT seriesEnglishGerman

Vertical volute pump, VVp seriesEnglishGerman

Vertical line shaft pump, VLSP seriesEnglishGermanSpanishFrenchChinese

If you need a language version other than English, German or Chinese, a translation is, of course, possible, but we would need your help.



ANDRITZ pumpsEnglishChineseSpanishPortuguese

heartBEAT: ANDRITZ standard pumps behind the scenes


HEARTbeat: ANDRITZ engineered pumps behind the scenesEnglish


Water supply for AtlantaEnglish


Single-stage centrifugal pump, ACP seriesEnglish
Concrete volute pump, CVP seriesEnglish
Vertical line shaft pump, VLSP seriesEnglish
Split case pump, ASP seriesEnglish
MST. Modular Shaft TechnologyEnglishGerman
Double-suction submersible motor pump, HDM seriesEnglishGerman
MCT. Modular Cooling TechnologyEnglishGerman

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