ANDRITZ pumps for other industries

Pumps for various industries

ANDRITZ pumps operate successfully in a variety of industries where secondary circuits are used.

Are you responsible for the operation or maintenance of an industrial facility or plant? Or are you looking for safe and effective solutions in water management on rigs and ships? Here you can find an overview of where ANDRITZ pumps are used in many different industries and applications.

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Pumps and motors for offshore seawater applications

For many years ANDRITZ has been active in the offshore industry, mainly for applications in seawater lift. For subsea applications, we offer customized solutions for submersible motors. Specific material selection and motor rating guarantee an ideal adaptation to almost all possible applications. Thus, ANDRITZ pumps and motors achieve maximum service life under severest conditions. 

For more information on our pump technologies for the offshore industry please have a look at our product pages below, brochures in the sidebar or directly contact us.

Pumps for the offshore industry

ANDRITZ pumps in the offshore industry


Pumps for other industrial applications

ANDRITZ industrial pumps are used nearly everywhere where secondary circuits are used for pumping coolants or auxiliary and operating liquids such as bioethanol. Additionally, our pumps also operate in demanding washing and cleaning processes in the raw materials sector. They are also suitable for pumping tasks in extreme temperatures and under high pressure, in aggressive, corrosive or solids-containing media (e.g. in the steel or chemical industries). Finally, our pumps are ideal to transport coolants and lubricants as well as acids, liquors, and oils. 

For more information on our pump technologies for various industrial applications please have a look at our product pages below, brochures in the sidebar or directly contact us.

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ANDRITZ metals

Take a look at our technologies for the metal industry

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Custom-tailored pump solutions for various industries.

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Innovative and targeted standard and customized pumps and motors for various applications and operations.

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Pumps service

We provide first-class service, secure sustained customer satisfaction, and our pumps' reliability.

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Research and development

Our commitment to research and development forms the basis for our advances in hydraulic machine manufacturing.

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