ANDRITZ pumps for the power industry

Pumps for the power industry

ANDRITZ offers centrifugal pumps and pumps as turbines for industrial applications and processes in the power industry.

Are you planning or do you operate a thermal power plant? ANDRITZ offers high-quality and reliable energy utility pumps and pumps as turbines worldwide. 

Pumps for the power industry

ANDRITZ develops and manufactures cooling water and auxiliary pumps for applications in the power industry according to customer requirements with very high efficiency, thus significantly lower energy costs, and excellent cavitation properties. In addition, many years of experience in turbine design enable ANDRITZ to make optimum use of the advantages of hydraulic impeller blade adjustment for cooling water pumps.

For more information on our pump technologies for the power industry please have a look at our product pages below, brochures in the sidebar or contact us directly.


Cooling water pumps 

Auxiliary pumps

ANDRITZ vertical line shaft pump with adjustable angle impellers for added flexibility


Operation flexibility for pumps in power applications

Matching a pump to the different combinations of delivery rate and head in a power plant requires a range of impellers, each with its specific speed. However, even with a range of impellers, there are often daily occasions which call for something in between the standard impeller designs. ANDRITZ has addressed this issue with a hydraulic device to adjust the impeller blade angles on its vertical line shaft pumps. This allows reacting to changing conditions, while the pump is operating.

Before a vertical line shaft pump as cooling water pump is installed, we select the impeller design and set the angle of the blades to meet the specific process requirements. Power plants, however, commonly experience changes in the cooling water flow rate and head (e.g. day/night operations or tidal fluctuations). There are typically two ways to achieve the needed operation flexibility in pumps: speed control with a frequency converter or hydraulic impeller blade adjustment. ANDRITZ delivers pumps with either type of adjustment. The framework of the specific application such as range of fluctuation in delivery rate and head, other installed equipment or budget available plays a significant role whether a frequency converter or a hydraulic impeller blade adjustment is more suitable. Our specialists at ANDRITZ will help in the evaluation and selection.

Pumps as turbines for the power industry

Are you looking for energy-saving solutions or for solutions that produce energy? Small hydropower plants, and thus independent power generation, are suitable for the private as well as the municipal sectors, and for industrial and commercial facilities.

Save energy with pumps from ANDRITZ used as turbines. Ecological and economic success was achieved by a paper plant in Germany with a reverse running standard pump. This pump – an ANDRITZ turbine pump operating in the waste water microflotation plant – takes the existing overpressure after the waste water tank and transfers the additional energy back to the booster pump motor. 

Hydroelectric energy has many benefits. It can always be generated, is easily stored, and guarantees a base load. It is also a clean and emission-free means of generating electricity.

For more information on our pumps as turbines for the power industry please have a look at our product pages below, brochures in the sidebar or contact us directly.

ANDRITZ pump operating as turbine

ANDRITZ pump operating as a turbine


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