Pumps for the food industry

ANDRITZ supplies centrifugal pumps for industrial applications and processes in the food industry, particularly sugar and starch.

Are you responsible for the operation or maintenance of a sugar or starch processing facility? ANDRITZ develops and manufactures innovative and targeted pumping solutions for the entire sugar and starch production process.

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Pumps for the sugar production

ANDRITZ pumps in the sugar production process 



Wear-resistant and non-clogging pumps are a prerequisite for trouble-free operation in the sugar industry. ANDRITZ single-stage centrifugal pumps set new standards and achieve efficiencies of up to 90%. These pumps have either closed, semi-open or open impellers depending upon where they are installed in the sugar production process. According to the flow rate required, they are used from beet washing to juice purification and to crystallization.  

In ANDRITZ self-priming centrifugal pumps, an open impeller with an integrated water ring vacuum pump is used to achieve high priming and degassing performance. This guarantees smooth operation, even with suboptimal suction pipe configurations. The vacuum pump removes gas from the medium to guarantee trouble-free transport of the syrup. The unit is insensitive to high concentrations up to a sugar content of 78% due to the semi-open impeller. It also provides better efficiencies with viscous media compared to closed impellers. Thanks to these design features, ANDRITZ self-priming centrifugal pumps are perfectly suited for the sugar industry, conveying syrup with high air and sugar content at low investment costs. 

ANDRITZ also offers a practically tested medium-consistency pump to transport molasses, green juice, white juice, lime water, or sludge.

For more information on our pump technologies for the sugar production from either sugar beet or sugar cane please have a look at our product pages below and brochures in the sidebar or directly contact us.

Pumps for the starch production

ANDRITZ pumps in the starch production process



Foaming liquids, in particular, create one of the most challenging conditions for centrifugal pumps in the starch production. The combination of a single-stage centrifugal pump with an integrated vacuum pump prevents accumulations of air at the impeller inlet and guarantees highly efficient pumping operations, even with fluids at higher viscosities (e.g. fibrous pulp slurries containing up to 40% air). The vacuum pump removes the gas content in the medium in order to ensure that fluids can be conveyed without any difficulties. As a result of these design features, ANDRITZ self-priming centrifugal pumps from the AD series are excellently suited for trouble-free handling of crucial processes.self-priming-centrifugal-pump_pumps

For complete information on our pump technologies for the starch industry please have a look at our product pages below and brochures in the sidebar or directly contact us.

Other food products

Our product portfolio extends beyond sugar and starches to cover proteins, dairy products, and drinks. For complete information on our pump technologies for other food products please have a look at our product pages below and brochures in the sidebar or directly contact us.

Pumps behind the scenes: foods for friends

ANDRITZ Medium-consistency pump

ANDRITZ medium-consistency pumps – state-of-the-art wet beet pulp pumping to save energy

ANDRITZ medium-consistency pump, MC series, sets new standards in conveying medium-consistency wet beet pulp suspensions. The excellent economic efficiency has been proven many times, providing energy savings of up to one third compared to other medium-consistency pumps and lower investment cost due to lighter construction. 

Peak efficiencies of more than 70% and ease of operation make this technology particularly efficient. Thanks to this high efficiency, which is well above the average in the industry, and to the variable-speed drive via frequency control, enabling adjustable flow and pressure, the pump stands out from the rest due to its low energy consumption.

In addition to its simple modular design, the greatest advantage of this pump is its innovative separation system (SMARTSEP). This system was specially developed by ANDRITZ. With ANDRITZ SMARTSEP, an additional separation guides air out of the system. The press operation is improved thanks to the removal of air. Moreover, our medium-consistency pump has a flexible volute set-up with four supporting legs and thus, can be installed vertically or horizontally with a flexible degassing line arrangement.

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