ANDRITZ pumps for desalination

From salt water to potable water for irrigation, urban and industrial purposes

ANDRITZ provides the complete pump portfolio and technical support for efficient and economic desalination at all necessary production steps.

97 percent of the Earth’s water resources are salt water. The average salt content is 3.5 percent – too much for human consumption, but also for use in agriculture or industry. In comparison, fresh water resources of only 3 percent are not only scarce, but also distributed unevenly around the globe. Due to the limited natural resources and against a background where around 80 percent of the world’s population live within a radius of 60 miles from a coastline, desalination has gained enormously in value.

ANDRITZ pumps in the desalination process


ANDRITZ pumps for desalination

ANDRITZ supplies centrifugal pumps for seawater desalination applications, especially for Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants. In addition to the key pumps for the inlet and high-pressure pass, we also offer auxiliary pumps for water transport and as flushing pumps for backwashing, and energy recovery. Depending on level of salinity and on temperature, pumps are available starting from gray cast iron to Duplex and Super Duplex steel. ANDRITZ centrifugal pumps fulfill highest customer expectations in terms of efficiency, life cycle, maintenance friendliness and economic efficiency.

ANDRITZ pumps for various applications in the desalination process


Duplex and Super Duplex

Due to the repeated contact with sea or salt water, the choice of the right material for pumps in desalination plants is crucial. Due to the aggressiveness of the salt water, ANDRITZ pumps are made of a special, resistant material, namely duplex steel. Striking characteristics of duplex steel are their high resistance to surface corrosion, local corrosion and stress corrosion cracking. The structure of this steel is particularly resistant to corrosion fatigue, energy absorption, erosion and abrasion, low thermal expansion and has good weldability. The processing of duplex steel requires extensive practice and know-how. ANDRITZ has long-term experiences in the application of this special material.

ANDRITZ high-pressure pump in duplex steel


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