ANDRITZ pumps for water and waste water applications

From water supply to irrigation

ANDRITZ pumps in water and waste water management

For decades, the reliability of ANDRITZ pumps has made them the first choice for applications in water and waste water management. Thanks to a wide range of pumps, ANDRITZ can cope with drinking and industrial water supplies, irrigation, desalination, flood control and drainage. Find out how ANDRITZ pumps ensured the water supply, flood control and irrigation around the globe. 

From Las Vegas to Beijing

ANDRITZ pumps in water supply and irrigation

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Water for Atlanta

Read about our water supply project for Atlanta in Hydro News

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Big in Vietnam

Read about our flood control project in Vietnam in Hydro News

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A scarce commodity

Read about our irrigation project in India in Hydro News

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Green pump technology against the drought

Read about our energy-efficient pumps operating in Jordan

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Water needs in the driest desert

Learn what role ANDRITZ pumps and centrifuges play in a desalination plant.

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From South to North

Read about our engineered pumps for a subsurface station in a Chinese water supply project.

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Cleaning the Ganges

ANDRITZ supplied 15 pumps for conveying wastewater to effluent treatment plants in Kanpur, India.

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Bring up to shape

Uzbekistan relies on ANDRITZ pumps to modernize the largest pump irrigation system.

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