Textile Recycling technical centers

Our technical centers for textile recycling with state-of-the-art equipment offer a lot of possibilities for your product tests.

Test facilities in Austria and France

As a competent partner for textile recycling, ANDRITZ naturally also offers the appropriate test centers. One, the ANDRITZ Recycling Technology Center - ART Center for short - is located in St. Michael in Austria and not only has equipment for textile recycling, but also for shredding and stock preparation of numerous materials.

The other is located in Cours in France at ANDRITZ Laroche, not far from the metropolis of Lyon. Here, in addition to fiber preparation, we offer cutting and tearing of raw materials from post-consumer and industrial waste through to complete systems including baling presses.


ANDRITZ Recycling Technology Center, Austria

Focus on all types of recycling by shredding and ADuro shredding technology, incl. textile recycling

  • Individual machine demonstrations 
  • Demonstration of recycling processes
  • Prove of capacity and output quality of processed materials
  • Basic sample analysis
  • Preparation of raw materials for further testing

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ANDRITZ Textile Recycling Technical Center, France

  • Complete line for mechanical textile recycling 
  • Line includes opening/blending, fine opening, cutting, tearing and baling press
  • Capabilities for many kinds of textile waste
  • Incl. lab for individual documentation
  • Individual test possible for specific configurations

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