Contact drying: Drum, helix, plate and paddle dryers

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Contact drum dryer

The ANDRITZ Gouda drum dryer is used for food applications. With its continuous indirect drying method, it allows short heat retention times while evaporating all the liquid within a single rotation of the drum. It not only virtually eliminates the risk of damaging the product but also enables the product to keep its unique properties like taste, smell, texture, etc.

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Helix dryer

The ANDRITZ helix dryer is used for chemical batch applications. It uses a central, top-driven helical mixer in a conical vessel, enabling smooth and efficient mixing of the dry material. Even sticky products can be processed due to the special design of the mixing screw.

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Paddle dryer

The ANDRITZ Gouda paddle dryer is used for environmental, chemical, battery materials, and food applications. It is a continuous indirect dryer, offering a once-through drying technology that avoids back-mixing. Any residual moisture level can be chosen for the end product. This makes the machine suitable for (partial) sludge drying.

ANDRITZ plate dryer
Plate dryer

For fragile products and where continuous drying of free-flowing bulk materials is required, the ANDRITZ plate dryer is the right choice. It has been proven in over 400 applications and is available in atmospheric, gas-tight or vacuum configurations.

Metris addIQ control system for contact drum and paddle dryers

Metris addIQ combines all our extensive operation and start-up experience in one tailored automation solution. The Metris addIQ control system is a unique automation product. Its nucleus is a modular, PLC-based control system that supports you in making best use of your contact drum or paddle dryer.

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