How can a screening technology help harvest the power of the sea?

Thassalia, Marseille, France

Did you know: Our AquaScreen headworks screen helps protect one marine geothermal power plant’s valuable equipment from debris, providing corrosion-proof protection for decades of exposure to high-salinity Mediterranean seawater.

With 40% of the world’s population living near coastlines, geothermal power from seawater is an ideal sustainable energy source. But for Thassalia, a geothermal power station in southern France, it also posed a challenge. To protect equipment against debris, the plant demanded a headworks screen capable of withstanding the high salinity of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Our solution: 

Customized development of two AquaGuard screens for seawater intake, including a painted steel frame, sacrificial anodes and internal elements in duplex.


Providing an expected 20 years of corrosion-proof protection in challenging high-salinity conditions.

How can a screening technology help harvest the power of the sea?

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