Privacy policy for applications

Data protection

The data you submit will be used by the ANDRITZ GROUP exclusively for the purposes stated here. The ANDRITZ GROUP is committed to compliance with the Austrian Data Protection Act, as amended, and applies the safety standards generally recognized technologically to protect all data used by the ANDRITZ GROUP as part of the applicants' database in order to guarantee the best possible protection against misuse, loss, or forgery. In addition, only certain employees (restricted exclusively to persons involved in the respective application process) of the ANDRITZ GROUP are authorized to access any of the personal data you have provided in order to ensure that this data remains confidential.

Processing of your data

You hereby consent to storage and processing of the data you have provided in your online application and of the data in the documents attached thereto by the ANDRITZ GROUP in an applicants' database for the purposes of coordination, evaluation, and processing of the application. In addition, you consent to the data you have provided being kept on file for six months in Germany, and three years in all other countries within our applicants' database for future application processes, also if you are not accepted for the post (such permission also being subject to withdrawal by you at any time by means of the statement below).

The ANDRITZ GROUP will not ask you to provide sensitive information (including information on racial or ethnic origins, political opinions, religious or philosophical convictions, trade union membership, health, or sexual practices). In the event that you provide such information voluntarily or without being requested to do so, you hereby consent to the ANDRITZ GROUP processing and using such information for the above mentioned purposes.

Use of your data

You also give your express consent to the data you have provided in this online application being forwarded to the appropriate ANDRITZ GROUP Human Resources manager for the purposes of recruiting personnel and being processed/used as described above.  In the event that your application is rejected by this Human Resources manager, it will also be made available to other ANDRITZ GROUP Human Resources managers and to Human Resources managers of companies associated with the ANDRITZ GROUP pursuant to § 15 of Corporation Law, to which you also give your express consent. This applies in addition to the possible transfer and disclosure of data to associated companies with headquarters abroad (also companies located outside the European Union). All these companies are listed on our Group web site (

The above mentioned Human Resources managers and companies are expressly bound to maintain confidentiality. Irrespective of this, please note that non-EU member states may have a lower level of data protection than the European Union.

Disclosure of data to third parties

The ANDRITZ GROUP will not pass on your personal data to third parties outside the Group (this expressly does not include the associated companies mentioned above) without your consent. However, you do consent to the ANDRITZ GROUP disclosing your personal data to service providers (who may be abroad, also outside the European Union, as the case may be), who will prepare and manage this data on behalf of and for the stated purposes of the ANDRITZ GROUP.

Withdrawal of your consent

You can withdraw your consent to the processing and use of your data at any time by contacting By clicking on the "Send" button, you give your express consent to the above terms. Your consent will be logged electronically.


Thank you for your application.

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