Flue gas condensing

Flue Gas Condenser (FGC)

The Flue Gas Condenser (FGC) technology aims to recover the surplus heat from the flue gases in between the Clean Air Technologies equipment and the stack. The recovered heat is primarily used for District Heating (DH).

ANDRITZ FGC system typically consist of two parts, a non-condensing economizer, extracting the sensible heat by lowering the flue gases temperature to a level close to the water dew point, and a condenser connected to an Absorption Heat Pump (AHP), further colling the flue gases well below the water dew point to extract more latent heat. In order to maximize the heat production and to minimize stack losses, a separate closed chilled water circuit is used.

ANDRITZ FGC system combines the most advanced cooling technologies with robust chemical resistant material features resulting in extremely efficient energy utilization.


The key features of ANDRITZ FGC are:

  • Significant plant efficiency gains, up to 25% depending on the fuel used
  • Specific CO2 emissions reductions
  • Increased heat production, up to 40% for district hearting production
  • High flexibility in operation (heat, electricity, …), allowing customized operations to make the most of the market conditions
  • Attractive return on investment (when DH network available)
  • Low parasitic losses
  • Low maintenance cost
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