Animal Feed

Pet Food Processing

The growing demands of today’s pet food market require increasingly specialized knowledge combined with advanced processing technologies. As a longtime partner to hundreds of premium pet food producers worldwide, ANDRITZ provides comprehensive processing solutions and aftermarket services to keep your operations ahead of the curve. All to guarantee easy, safe, and efficient operations that can quickly adapt to the next market trend.

ANDRITZ equipment for pet food processing

ANDRITZ offers a full range of processing machines and equipment – from raw material intake to finished feed bagging – as single unit or complete plant solution. The individual process machines offered are selected from the standardized and proven range of ANDRITZ product families.


For the production of high quality extruded feed pellets.

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Designed to simultaneously blend and condition the infeed to a pellet mill.

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Hammer mills

Capable of several size-reduction jobs including grinding, shredding and fluffing.

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Vaccum coater

Addition of up to 15 individual liquids.

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Air and dust filters

Efficient and reliable air and dust filtration for products and plants.

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Weighing systems

Precise and fast weighing of raw materials.

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For optimum mixing of feed ingredients.

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Combi-zone dryer

Optimum drying of the extruded feed pellet.

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Preventing the pellets from decay and making the pellets ready for storage.

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Pocket feeder

Ensures a steady, consistent, and uniform supply of material across the full intake area of the hammer mill.

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Automation and process control

Highly advanced automated control systems for single machines and complete plants.

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Rotary valves

Ideal to use as feeders and air-locks for vacuum and low-pressure positive systems.

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Air density separator

Designed to separate heavier density materials from the grinding stream of material entering the hammer mill.

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Rotary feed dressers

Ensures proper cleaning and dressing of dry-mash feeds and soft feed ingredients.

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