Executive Board


Joachim Schönbeck (President and CEO)

Joined ANDRITZ in 2014 as member of the Executive Board, has served as President and CEO since April 7, 2022.

Areas of responsibility:
Pulp & Paper (Capital Systems), Central group functions:  Human Resources Management, Corporate Communications, Investor Relations, Quality and Safety Management, and Group Site Installation

Professional career:
Spokesman of SMS Holding GmbH and Chairman of the Management Board of SMS Meer GmbH, management positions at SMS Group, Siemens, and Mannesmann


Domenico Iacovelli

Joined ANDRITZ in 2011 and has been member of the Executive Board since April 7, 2022.

Areas of responsibility:
Metals, Group Information Technology, and Group Manufacturing Management

Professional career:
Various management positions in the ANDRITZ GROUP,  chairman of Schuler Group GmbH since 2018


Humbert Köfler

Joined ANDRITZ in 1987 and was appointed as member of the Executive Board in 2007.

Areas of responsibility:
Pulp & Paper (Service & Systems Solutions) and Separation

Professional career:
Head of the Paper Mill Services division at ANDRITZ AG, Head of the Mechanical Pulping Systems division at ANDRITZ AG, Regional Sales Manager at ANDRITZ Sprout-Bauer GmbH, Export Marketing Manager at Biochemie GmbH


Norbert Nettesheim

Joined ANDRITZ on October 1, 2019 and has been member of the Executive Board since December 1, 2019.

Areas of responsibility:

Central group functions: Controlling, Accounting, Treasury, Order and Project Financing, Legal and Compliance, Internal Auditing, and Group Supply Chain Management

Professional career:

Managerial positions with increasing responsibility at the Voith Group, including the position of commercial director in various group companies and most recently as head of Group Controlling, Accounting and Investments at Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA.


Wolfgang Semper

Joined ANDRITZ in 2006 when the company acquired VA TECH HYDRO and was appointed as member of the Executive Board in 2011.

Areas of responsibility:
Hydro, Group Automation, and Group Corporate Security 

Professional career:
President of ANDRITZ HYDRO GmbH and Head of the Large Hydro division of the HYDRO business area, management functions at VA TECH VOEST MCE and Voest-Alpine MCE, Technical Calculations Engineer at Voest-Alpine AG