Quality and safety

ANDRITZ applies well-established quality assurance and integrated management systems to meet customers’ requirements and legal stipulations.

Quality Management at ANDRITZ means: quality of products, quality of processes, and quality in safety matters.

With a global quality management system, we ensure that our customers all over the world receive high-quality, reliable products and solutions. We are well aware that our machines and equipment have to function safely and efficiently for decades. Furthermore, our quality management system defines fully developed business processes that help us to execute our orders efficiently and ensure that we meet our delivery dates. Safety and environmental protection on job sites are major objectives at ANDRITZ. This is why we have also defined global standards in these areas and use these as a basis for planning and implementing adequate safety and environmental measures for each individual project. These measures are aimed at preventing accidents and ensuring prompt and suitable action in critical situations.

Global standards

Our quality management system is implemented at ANDRITZ locations and ensures uniform product and order execution standards worldwide. Accredited certification partners conduct certification audits at the locations and confirm effective and consistent implementation of the quality standards in the certificates issued, e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and ISO 14001.

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"Safety first" - global safety initiative

The global safety initiative is part of a strategy to establish a sustainable safety culture based on prevention and a high level of safety awareness throughout the Group. Its aim is to prevent unsafe actions from the outset and making workplaces and processes safe.  Every accident that happens is one too many and our ultimate goal is always to operate completely accident-free.

Risk analyses of all areas of our work and safety training courses are conducted regularly, and safety activities are integrated continuously into the daily work routine. ANDRITZ produces parts weighing several tons and installs them in many different regions of the world. In addition to static measures such as cleanliness or accessibility, we pay high attention to the risks of dynamic processes, such as handling and moving parts, both in manufacturing shops and on job sites.

The number of accidents is to be reduced by 30% in the medium term, although the primary goal is, of course, zero accidents at work. Other global requirements relate to safety reporting and the obligation to prepare certification under ISO 45001 if it is not yet available.

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