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Discover the latest stories about ANDRITZ´s sustainable solutions and products, successful location and employee initiatives and news about responsible corporate governance practices.

Here we would like to give you an insight into how we support our customers in achieving their sustainability goals with our sustainable solutions and products, and through which initiatives we achieve our own ESG goals.

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How to feed 9.7 billion?

About alternative proteins, food waste and ANDRITZ Separation

View of part of a plant for mining iron ore
Safe disposal

The Brazilian mining company ITAMINAS is using ANDRITZ filter systems to avoid storing tailings in containment dams and recover 90% of the water.

There used to be a gold mine in the Australian town of Kidston. Today, there are two disused pits here filled with water.
Solar gold

An energy park for green electricity is being built in Australia and uses the pits in a former gold mine as reservoirs for water storage. The equipment for the pumped storage power station comes from ANDRITZ.

Södra operates a woodyard and pulp mill in the Swedish town of Mönsterås.
Step by step

Swedish company Södra is able to produce up to 6.3 million liters of commercial-quality biomethanol a year with help from ANDRITZ. The biomethanol is used to make biodiesel fuel for motor vehicles.

Toledo Alfalfa

Toledo Alfalfa Mills is a significant producer of U.S. alfalfa pellets. When the company needed to boost production at its plant in Oregon, Ohio, they turned to ANDRITZ FB Canada Inc., for support. The result: a 15% lift in annual productivity.

The PYROMARS and ZEMAP plants from ANDRITZ help companies to circulate acids and water in a closed loop.
Precious water

The Taiwanese company Walsin Lihwa has substantially reduced its water and acid consumption in stainless steel production thanks to ANDRITZ.

Graphic simulation of the new plant under construction.
A perfect fit

Schuler, ANDRITZ Soutec and thyssenkrupp Automation Engineering have developed a plant that can significantly reduce the production costs for fuel cells.

Floating photovoltaic panels
Floating PV

A new concept for PV-hydro hybrids

The new gold of Australia

Renewable Energy on Tab - Kidston, Australia

Upper Tamakoshi
Connected to the grid

Nepal, Upper Tamakoshi

Restoring Renewable Energy

Mwadingusha, Congo DRC

Is it green?

Powering up to reach global green goals

Hydrogen and Hydro
Hydrogen and Hydro: Fuelling our future

Interview with Dr. Alexander Trattner Chief Executive Officer and Scientific Research Director

Hand in hand with nature

Traunleiten, Austria

Let’s Connect

EnergyConnect, Australia

Usina Pimental
Green energy for 60 million people

Brazil, Belo Monte

Carillon, Canada
Electricity for 150,000 households

Canada, Carillon

LAO PDR, Nam Sak
Strengthening the local power grid

Houay Ka-Ouane and Nam Sak, Lao PDR

Hydrogen - MAN Energy
Hydrogen and Hydro: Fuelling the future

ANDRITZ Hydro and MAN Energy Solutions agree on hydrogen cooperation

System Strength

Synchronous condensers - the renaissance of rotating machines to maintain the stability of the transmission network.

Lussa, Scotland
An architectural pearl providing local power

Lussa, Scotland

Tâmega hydroelectric complex
Flexible energy for the modern grid

Gouvães, Portugal

Storing up new revenue streams for hydro


Usa - Alder
Electricity for 16,000 homes

USA, Alder

Georgia Biomass: Boosting efficiency at the world’s largest biofuel production plant

Georgia Biomass, located in the Southeastern region of the United States, is the leading supplier of sustainable wood pellets and the largest, most modern facility of its kind in

the world.

Did you know that ...

ANDRITZ provides complete nonwoven production lines for sustainable wet wipes?

Did you know that ...

ANDRITZ offers the complete portfolio for exhaust gas cleaning in the maritime industry?

PP_key-visual_Fibria Horizonte 2
Arauco: world's first certified carbon neutral forestry company

ANDRITZ Pulp and Paper supports them on their journey towards climate neutral pulp production

Helsingør: An immaculate operation in green heat and power

ANDRITZ recently supplied the very first Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) biomass boiler to the country of Denmark, which will assist in nationwide efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. The new boiler is installed at Helsingør Kraftvarmeværk’s new district heat and power generation plant, which is immaculate in design as well as operation.

SCA's pulp mill in Östrand
Better and better: ANDRITZ to modernize SCA’s pulp mill in Östrand, Sweden

SCA ’s pulp mill in Östrand, Sweden, has reinvented itself in a mammoth, three-year project. ANDRITZ contributed the advanced technology and extensive know-how for one of the country’s largest industrial investments.

Green storage battery

Lysefjord in southwestern Norway is spectacular: The deep blue inlet extends 42 kilometers inland, framed by rugged cliffs hundreds of meters high. At the end of the fjord, a different kind of gem is ensconced deep in the rock: the new Lysebotn II hydropower station. The Lyse Group produces highly efficient “green energy” here – with effective support from ANDRITZ.

2,400,000 m3. Every day. How can you handle the world’s toughest wastewater challenges?

Challenging municipal budgets. Water shortages. A need for renewable energy. Today, there’s simply no room for waste. Getting the most efficient separation is essential not just to profitability but ensuring sustainable growth.

A-Recovery+ key visual image, ballerina dancing inside a infinity symbol
TechNews: A-Recovery+ chemical recovery solution

Allows mills to see the chemical cycle in a shining new light.

Xayaburi site in Lao PDR
Three Million Households

Xayaburi, Lao PDR

Child reading in a book using light coming from an electric lamp
From Darkness into the Light

Mini Grid Solution