Corporate Governance

ANDRITZ has adopted the rules of conduct laid down in the Austrian Code of Corporate Governance and regards the Code as an essential requirement for implementation of responsible company management and control, which is directed towards creating sustainable added value and transparency for shareholders and other stakeholders.

The Executive Board and the Supervisory Board, as well as the entire staff of the ANDRITZ GROUP, are committed to complying with the Code. 

The Austrian Code of Corporate Governance is based on a voluntary commitment and goes beyond the legal requirements for corporations. ANDRITZ obeys the rules of the Code almost entirely. In the interests of the basic principle of "Comply or Explain" in the code, ANDRITZ justifies its non-observance or non-compliant observance of those rules that go beyond the legal requirements (so-called C-rules) as follows:

Rule 27 and Rule 30 (Disclosure of the basic principles of the remuneration system for the Executive Board): The variable portion is exclusively based on the net income; there are no non-financial criteria that impact the extent of the variable remuneration. The ANDRITZ GROUP operates in business areas that show considerable differences in some respects, this is why it is not possible to define uniform non-financial criteria for the entire Group. This fulfills the requirements of the objectivity and clear traceability concepts. The sustainability aspect was taken into account in designing the stock option program.

  • ANDRITZ Corporate Governance report 2016 PDF : 146 KB
  • ANDRITZ Articles of Association PDF : 839 KB
  • Austrian "Code of Corporate Governance" PDF : 594 KB
  • Report of the external evaluation of the ANDRITZ Corporate Governance report PDF : 973 KB