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14/03/2024: Nam Pi, Vietnam – Successful commissioning

In a significant milestone for Vietnam's clean energy sector, the Nam Pi hydropower plant has commenced commercial operations following the successful installation of ANDRITZ’ 49th and 50th Francis turbines. Located in the Nam Long and Nam Khao stream basins between Nam Pi and Pu Dao communes in Nam Nhun District, Lai Chau Province, the plant officially commenced operations on February 7, 2024.


The contract for the electromechanical equipment for the Nam Pi hydropower project was awarded to ANDRITZ in November 2021. ANDRITZ's contractual obligations include the...



05/02/2024: Customer Day Vietnam 2023 – Again a great success

As we welcome the Year of the Dragon, we extend warm wishes to our valued customers and partners. May this year be filled with joy, success, and happiness for you and your families.


In 2023, together, we faced challenges and achieved significant milestones on the path of sustainable development. Thanks to your trust, ANDRITZ Vietnam embraced cutting-edge technologies, gearing up for a promising Year of the Dragon 2024.

This year brings opportunities for clean energy and digital transformation, aligning with global trends. ANDRITZ Vietnam is committed to accompanying you in your projects, striving to enhance our products and services for a sustainable and cleaner future.

As we celebrate the Tet Holiday, we wish you prosperity, good fortune, and a year brimming with successes, health, and happiness with your loved ones. Happy Lunar New Year! 


10/10 2023: Customer Day Vietnam 2023 – Again a great success

After a long break due to the pandemic, ANDRITZ had again the great pleasure of welcoming our esteemed customers, partners investors and governmental bodies to our traditional Customer Day Vietnam, held in the capital Hanoi on September 28th, 2023.


The day was opened with a welcome speech of the local Managing Director of ANDRITZ Hydro Vietnam - Ms. Doan Thi My Hanh, followed by keynote speeches of the Austrian Ambassador to Vietnam, H.E. Hans-Peter Glanzer and the Austrian Trade Counsellor of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, Mr. Dietmar Schwank. The customer keynote was held by Mr. Le Xuan Tuan, Deputy General Director of Ha Do Group.

As in previous years, ANDRITZ's comprehensive range of products and services was presented in a series of presentations. This year, the presentations on pumped storage and our scope of services for operation and maintenance were of particular interest to the audience. There were also presentations on ANDRITZ Hydro Vietnam's local competencies and services, as well as on small hydropower and automation. During the day, there were many opportunities for an intensive exchange of information between all participants. The Customer Day Vietnam was once again a great success and underlined ANDRITZ's leading position in Vietnam's booming hydropower market.

With a hydropower potential of 120,000 GWh, of which less than half has been developed to date, Vietnam is one of the most important and promising hydropower markets. Today, Vietnam has an electrification rate of 99% and relies on renewable energy, mainly hydropower, which accounts for 30% of total electricity generation. ANDRITZ has supplied equipment and services for over 50 hydropower plants with a total capacity of more than 2,400 MW in the country. In order to provide customers and partners in Vietnam with a local contact, ANDRITZ has maintained a representative office in Hanoi for many years and established its own subsidiary in 2016.


03/07/2023: Contracts signed for Nam Cau and Nam Trung Ho-1 HEPs in Vietnam

With great pleasure, we would like to inform that ANDRITZ has signed two contract agreements for the supply of electromechanical equipment for the 30 MW Nam Cau hydroelectric project located in Lai Chau province, and the 22 MW Nam Trung Ho-1 hydroelectric project located in Lao Cai province of Vietnam.


The contracts were signed in..



04/05/2023: Austria-Vietnam Forum for Infrastructure and Technology in Hanoi

H.E. Alexander Schallenberg, the Austrian Minister for European and International Affairs, visited Vietnam on 16-18 April 2023, to boost the political and economic ties and celebrating the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the countries.


As part of the Austrian business delegation, ANDRITZ Hydro, represented by Senior Vice President Alexander Schwab, took part..



08/02 2023: Thac Ba, Vietnam – Rehabilitation contract for oldest turbine in North Vietnam

ANDRITZ has received from Thac Ba Hydropower Joint Stock Company (TBC) a contract for the upgrade of three generating units of Thac Ba Hydropower Plant on the Chay River, the hydropower plant longest in operation in Northern Vietnam. 


The aim of this rehabilitation project is to ensure the service life and operational safety until the end of the renewed concession as well as to achieve an environmental improvement by installing oil-free bearing systems on wicket gates and oil-free hubs of the new runners as well as applying latest cutting-edge hydro turbine governor technology. All three units will be renovated consecutively from 2024 to 2025. After refurbishment, Thac Ba HPP power generation performance will be significantly enhanced by considerable improvement of the generating unit efficiency. With a plant installed capacity of 120 MW and an annual average energy production of about 400 GWh, Thac Ba HPP is dispatching clean and sustainable electricity to Vietnam power network as well as playing a key role in balancing and stabilizing the national grid.

The ANDRITZ’s scope of supply consists of three 40 MW Vertical Kaplan runners with guide vanes, new governor systems along with overspeed protection devices for three existing units, as well as three sets of forty-four generator rotor poles and associated technical services. The works will be undertaken jointly by an international ANDRITZ team from Austria, China, and Vietnam. Hydraulic calculation and runner design will be carried out in the ANDRITZ location in Linz, Austria, and electrical calculation and mechanical design of generator rotor pole will be carried out in the ANDRITZ location in Weiz, while the manufacturing of the new Kaplan runners, guide vane and rotor pole, and overall project management, logistics and transport, engineering, erection supervision and commissioning will be executed by ANDRITZ China as the lead contractor with local support of the ANDRITZ Vietnam team.


12/01/2023: Ialy Expansion Hydropower Plant – Successful turbine model test

The Vietnam Electricity (EVN) and ANDRITZ have organized the test of the turbine model for the Ialy Hydropower Plant Extension Project in December 2022.


The test results show that..



29/11 2022: 3rd HYDRO POWER ASIA, Hanoi, Vietnam - Key Trends and Technologies, Opportunities and Outlook

On November 7th and 8th, 2022, the capital of Vietnam was the host of one of the most interesting hydropower conferences in South-East Asia in 2022 – the 3rd edition of Hydro Power Asia.


The conference highlighted upcoming opportunities, identifying the unresolved issues and challenges, and discussing the future outlook for the Asian hydropower market, in the context of reaching net zero emission targets set forth at COP26 by the regional countries.

The event gathered hydropower professionals, executives, and decision-makers from countries of APAC region, offering an unparalleled opportunity for the sector to showcase its successes, to present the lessons learnt in recent years, to discuss identified challenges facing in the upcoming years, to network and to do business.

ANDRITZ was happy to participate and support the event with two presentations, on “Energy transition challenges and the role of sustainable hydropower to reach net zero emission” and “Enhancing O&M activities at site from operation data” among more than 20 sessions presented and discussed.

We were happy to meet already known friends from the community, but to see also new faces, to exchange with our experiences and know-how of the regional hydropower market.


25/10 2022: HYDRO POWER ASIA, Vietnam - Key Trends and Technologies, Opportunities and Outlook

On November 7th and 8th, 2022, the capital of Vietnam will be the host of one of the most interesting hydropower conferences in South-East Asia in 2022 – the 3rd edition of Hydro Power Asia.


The conference will highlight upcoming opportunities, identify the unresolved issues and challenges, and discuss the future outlook for the Asian hydropower market.

ANDRITZ is proud to announce that we will participate and support the event with two presentations. The conference will provide a perfect setup for discussions between all interested participants. We are looking forward meeting you there!

For more details, pls. click here.

Event facts:

  • Hydro Power Asia 2022: Third Edition
  • When: November 7-8, 2022
  • Where: Sheraton (Hanoi) Vietnam
  • Organizer: Powerline supported by: Southeast Asia Infrastructure
  • Registration link
  • Event brochure of the organizer
  • ANDRITZ presentations: 

“Energy transition challenges and the role of sustainable hydropower to reach net zero carbon emission”

-by Nguyen Thanh Tan, ANDRITZ Hydro Vietnam

“Enhancing O&M activities at site from operation data”

-by Dr. Etienne Parkinson, O&M Business Development and Innovation Management, ANDRITZ Hydro


16/09 2022: Pac Ma Hydropower Project in Vietnam - Four units into operation!

On August 31st, 2022, all four units of the Pac Ma hydropower project - the largest Bulb turbine project in Southeast Asia - were put in operation successful.


The project has really gone to the completion perfectly thanks to the commitment of all parties involved.

It is an amazing success of four units from commissioning into operation within only two months and it proves the high quality of electromechanical equipment by ANDRITZ - from design to manufacture to installation to commissioning – everything went smooth and successful.

Here the timeline of the commissioning:

  • July 3rd: Client got approval on energization of transmission line, whole GIS, unit 3 and unit 4 main transformer.
  • July 15th: Unit 4 completed 72 hours trail run successfully and put into commercial operation.
  • July 16th: Unit 3 completed 72 hours trail run successfully and put into commercial operation.
  • August 05th: Client got the approval on energization of unit 1 and unit 2 main transformer.
  • August 19th: Unit 1 completed 72 hours trail run successfully and put into commercial operation.
  • August 30th: Unit 2 completed 72 hours trail run successfully and is ready to put into commercial operation.

It is a wonderful cooperation result by all parties involved in the project: the PAC MA client, the installation company Coma26, ANDRITZ China, ANDRITZ Vietnam, ANDRITZ Austria in Weiz and Linz. From management to the site staff, all contributed professional technology, expertise and positive contractual spirit.

Technical details:
Total Output: 176 MVA
Scope: 4 × 44 MVA from Unit to GIS 
Voltage: 13.8 kV
Head: 14.19m
Speed: 107.14rpm
Runner diameter: 6200mm


07/09 2022: ANDRITZ receives contract to deliver electro-mechanical equipment and technical services for Ialy hydropower plant extension project, Vietnam

International technology group ANDRITZ has received an order from Vietnam Electricity (EVN), a leading economic group in the energy sector in Vietnam, to supply the complete electro-mechanical equipment and technical services for the Ialy hydropower plant extension project located in Sa Thay district, Kon Tum province, and Chu Pah district, Gia Lai province, in Vietnam.


With the installation of the expansion, the total installed capacity of the Ialy hydropower plant will be increased by more than 30 % to 1,080 MW. The project is expected to be completed in 2025.

Read more in the press release


22/08 2022: Nam Pang-2, Vietnam – New Compact Hydro order

ANDRITZ has signed a contract agreement for electro-mechanical works of Nam Pang-2 Hydroelectric Project (2 x 5.5 MW) in Lai Chau province of Vietnam.


The contract was signed in July 2022 in Lai Chau city, Vietnam. Under the contract, the scope of supply includes hydro turbines, main inlet valves, generators, control and protection system, complete electrical power systems of the powerhouse. The scope will also include technical services that comprise of supervision of all installation and commissioning works. 

Our esteemed client Nam Pang 2 Hydropower Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company has reposed faith and trust in our experience and expertise, and we are more than happy to oblige and assist them in developing this challenging project. With this, our commitment grows further, to contribute to Vietnam’s rich hydropower market.


18/08 2022: Dak Mi 2 HEP, Vietnam – in commercial operation after official inauguration

The Quang Nam Energy Joint Stock Company (member of the Ha Do Group), being the developer of the project had entrusted ANDRITZ with the supply of electro-mechanical equipment (147 MW).


The project was officially inaugurated on July 16, 2022.

The Dak Mi 2 project is located on the upstream of Dak Mi River in Phuoc Son district. During the construction period of 30 months, which also happened during the COVID-19 epidemic, the project also faced heavy damages due to an unprecedented flood and landslide in October 2020.

ANDRITZ along with the client worked with determination after this calamity to complete the project in the shortest time possible. The 1st unit officially started generating power in October 2021 while the 2nd unit got online just one month after that while the final unit was synchronised in February 2022.

It is noteworthy to mention that we as a very responsive contractor helped salvage material due to the floods. Even though this occurred during the peak of COVID, we were able to commission the project with limited manpower while not comprising with quality. Kudos to our colleague Vasanth Kumar and the site team in helping achieve the commissioning of the project under such trying times!

It is indeed a pleasure to mention that our units have helped improve power generation efficiency, save resources for the client and ensures absolute safety in operations. The project will provide annually 440 million kWh of electricity to Vietnam’s national grid. We are indeed happy to contribute to Vietnam’s energy security once again!


21/07 2022: Pac Ma Hydropower Project in Vietnam - First Unit Synchronized

On 6th of July in Pac Ma Hydro Power Station: the first unit (Unit 4) was successfully synchronized, and there are three more to go!


The commissioning team had achieved the first turn of unit 4 back on January 18th, 2022, but the synchronization of the first unit had been pending until July of 2022. This was due to COVID-19 impact and civil construction delay because the process of energizing of the transmission line was postponed by relevant authorities.

Although the delay of the transmission line was unexpected and the site resource were limited due to the project extension, ANDRITZ team kept pushing the site progress tightly and closely with client:

  • February 2022: The last unit stator assembly was successfully completed, thus ANDRITZ was awarded with a bonus from client for the successful acceleration of four units stator assembly work. 
  • End of March: The second unit (Unit 3) installation was completed and in April, it was ready for synchronization. 
  • May: The third unit (Unit 1) installation was completed.
  • End of May: Three milestones of the last unit (Unit 2) were achieved, the lowering of the runner hub, lowering of the bulb, and lowering of the rotor.
  • June: The third units (Unit 1) dry commissioning was completed, but the wet commissioning could not proceed due to the gates’ overhaul.
  • June 30th: Client got the permission of transmission line energization.
  • July 3rd: Transmission line, GIS, main transformers, and station service system energized successfully. 
  • July 6th: First unit (Unit 4) was successfully synchronized, and the 3-day-trial run commenced.

Meanwhile the stator and the bulb including the hatch cover of last unit (Unit 2) were installed, which means the last unit is also near completion.

We expect all four units to be put into operation within the next two months, meaning an impressive and overwhelming history-marking feat in the hydropower industry: four units in operation within only two months!

Technical details: 
Total Output: 176 MW
Scope: 4 × 44 MW from Unit to GIS
Voltage: 13.8 kV
Head: 14.19m
Speed: 107.14rpm
Runner diameter: 6200mm



July 2022: Xekaman 3, Laos - Successful synchronization of two units

The Xekaman 3 hydropower project is a refurbishment project which suffered serious overflooding on plant site after a 5-year operation.


Combined investigation results with optimized refurbishment methods, extraordinary effort, and top tier technology the ANDRITZ team could overcome numerous hinderances and problems and finally successfully execute the execution of both units of this hydropower plant on the Nam Pagnou River, which is highly commended by the client. 

Besides the COVID pandemic and lockdowns, limitation of transportation, and shortages of supplies, one of the biggest challenges were that the powerhouse foundation was found going tapper 0.08 mm/ meter. This was rectified by the ANDRITZ site team while guiding erection and installation which resulted in no vibrations and no need of balancing the units during commissioning.

The refurbishment contract was split into two parts. The first contract for the main turbine, generator and MIV, the second contract for automation, electrical equipment, and for service of guiding the assembly, installation and the complete commissioning.

With maximum personal commitment from the ANDRITZ teams on-site, the clients’ goal to reach power generation as soon as possible was supported: unit 1 put was put into operation on May 18th, 2022, unit 2 on May 30th, 2022, one and half month ahead of the contract date.

We are very proud of the teams and their personal commitment on executing the project under such tough circumstances and living conditions.

Site Manager and Turbine supervisor Mr. Xie Qiang: 

At 5:40 PM on May 30th, with a burst of applause in the central control room, U2 officially entered 72-hours trial operation, so far realized the dual machine full load operation, my heart was full of pride and joy, but also instantly felt the release of a lot of fatigue and pressure. Although I have been working on the project site for more than 9 months continuously, I still had to face the risk of the epidemic and the difficult living conditions, but I have overcome these difficulties and insisted on doing the work well. Now I feel that all the efforts are worth it, which makes me stronger and gain more experience.

As a SM, I am not so rich in experience yet, and the challenges have been polishing my skills along the way. During this process, I am very grateful for the support and understanding of the whole project team for my work, especially for the trust in me from the management and giving me this rare opportunity to challenge and improve myself.

Test team leader and EPS EV&CE Mr. Han Xiaoyi: 

I will be retiring with October this year. Now, I can say the success of project Xekaman 3 completes my career. I’m so delighted to work with the young team and share my experience with them, and they keep me energized at the same time.

AT SE and Control CE Mr. Lin Zhenhua: 

I am mostly driven by my eagerness to reunite with my family as I have a new-born. I am happy my hard work paid off, and the task is done ahead of time, so I can go home earlier with a light heart.

Protection CE Mr. Li Gang:

We can always create magic!

Generator SV&CE Mr. Padmanaban: 

We did it! Even the foundation was inclined, we rectified and balanced it during installation, the result reached as vibration is very lower even from first start. Amazing. But six days a week, 10 hours a day, working at site (without any local holidays) is very tough to the body, I survived, but it is not advisable.

Governor CE Mr. Imsan: 

I’m from Andritz Indonesia. I jumped from the Nam Tehun1 project site to Xekaman 3 site, and I found it is very easy to carry out my duty with the support from Chinese and Indian and Vietnamese colleagues. A successful example of “One ANDRITZ”!  

Technical details: 
Total Output: 255 MW
Scope : 2 × 127.5 MW
Voltage  : 15.75 kV
Head : 456.77 m
Speed : 500 rpm
Runner diameter : 1,601mm


April 2022: Presentation and Remark Speech by ANDRITZ at EVN Conference on Power Industry Automation in Digital Transformation Trend

On April 12th, 2022; a one-day conference on automation of power industry in digital transformation trend was held by the EVN (Vietnam Electricity) in Ho Chi Minh City - the southern metropolis - with the participation of over 300 delegates from its subsidiaries leadership, power companies’ management, and selected suppliers. 


EVN is a leading economic group in Vietnam and the region power industry, playing a significant role in the mission of assuring national energy security. The digital transformation plan for O&M of EVN power plants is implemented in accordance with its resolution on the approval of the Digital Transformation Master Plan of Vietnam Electricity by 2022, with vision to 2025.

As the only hydro equipment supplier invited, ANDRITZ had set-up a booth to display its innovative automation products as well as O&M solutions which attracted great interest of technical experts and plants management.

On the stage, Mr. Chu Van Nam - ANDRITZ Vietnam and Mr. Etienne Parkinson - Global O&M had delivered an impressive and informative presentation on ANDRITZ’ footprint on the global and Vietnamese market, reputed automation solutions executed in EVN hydro fleet, and Metris DiOMera as recommended O&M solution against EVN requirement. 

The event was chaired by EVN Chairman and livestreamed on its online platforms. Please find here the link to the video of the conference posted on the EVN official YouTube channel if you are interested in more information.

Find here the link to the event for more information.

The event was followed by a series of intensive workshops held with EVN and its major subsidiaries EVN GENCO 1, EVN GENCO 2, and more. As major player on the Vietnamese hydropower market and committed to renewable energy and electricity in Vietnam, ANDRITZ was honored to be part of this event and to present its solution to all participants.



March 2022: Thac Ca 1, Vietnam – Successful completion of project in difficult circumstances

On 22nd of February 2022, the Preliminary Acceptance Certificate (PAC) for Thac Ca 1 HPP was granted by the project owner and the power plant started officially commercial operation.


Thac Ca 1 HPP will now annually sustainably contribute at least 100 GWh of clean energy to the national grid. 

The hydropower plant Thac Ca 1 is located on the Ngoi Thi River in the northern province of Yen Bai in Vietnam and is equipped with one vertical 35 MW Kaplan unit designed for a special water head range.

In 2017, ANDRITZ has received an order for the supply of the electro-mechanical equipment for Thac Ca 1 project along with contracts for the same cascaderal Thac Ca 2 and Dong Sung projects from Xuan Thien Yen Bai Co. Ltd., a member of Xuan Thien Group. The contractual scope of supply comprised one vertical Kaplan turbine with a vertical synchronous generator, mechanical auxiliaries, electrical power system, automation and associated technical services. The project was executed by ANDRITZ Hydro China, whereas ANDRITZ Hydro Austria provided the basic turbine and generator design. The other two projects, both Bulb-type turbine designed, have been already completed and put into commercial operation in spring 2021.

Due to unforeseen objective reasons, the implementation of the Thac Ca 1 project was postponed for more than a year. Therefore, most of the contract milestones have been executed through the worst waves of the COVID-19 pandemic in Asia. ANDRITZ had to overcome these challenges during manufacturing and procurement, overseas transportation, as well as site installation. By working closely with all involved parties, the international ANDRITZ team and the project owner, Thac Ca 1 project achieved the final target of power generation as requested by the project owner, just on the eve of Lunar New Year holidays in both Vietnam and China.

The owner highly appreciated ANDRITZ’s dilligent, impressive and professional performance, especially the utmost efforts of the site installation and commissioning team at the final stage of project excution. The team accomplished “Mission Impossible” and delivered all commitments to the client’s satisfaction. The successful completion of the Thac Ca 1 project is another showcase of ANDRITZ Hydro’s excellent project execution capability under the most dificult circumstances. 

Technical details:
Scope output:  1 x 35 MW
Head: 31.10 m
Voltage: 8.1 kV
Runner diameter: 3950 mm
Speed: 187.5 rpm


March 2022: Phi Linh, Vietnam  – Signing of Compact Hydro contract

ANDRITZ has secured a contract to supply electro-mechanical equipment for the prestigious Phi Linh HEP from No. 6 Trading and Construction Company Limited.


The project is located in the Muong Tra district in Dien Bien Province, Vietnam. With a capacity of 18 MW, the power plant has been conceptualized as a run-of-the-river scheme to operate continuously during monsoon season and intermittently in lean flow period. 

Under the contract, ANDRITZ’s scope of supply will consist of turbines, generators, main inlet valves, control system, EPS and BOP and associated supervision works.

It is pertinent to mention that ANDRITZ has been associated with Vietnam’s hydropower market for over a decade now and our commitment to serve the nation’s energy needs through a clean and green initiative is here to stay. We are proud of our sustained presence in this important market and contribution to Vietnam’s growth.


February 2022: Pac Ma, Vietnam - Successful Completion of First Run

The Pac Ma hydropower project has the largest Bulb units in Vietnam in terms of both total capacity and unit capacity. Since the commencement of the project, the COVID-19 pandemic, earthquake, and the complex geologic structure have made the construction on site more difficult and forced the client to do some additional investments.


To obtain an additional loan from the Bank, the client promised to run the first unit of the power station on 18th of January 2022, as a token to demonstrate their loan repayment capacity. Bank representatives have witnessed the first run as well.

However, when the client made the agreement with the bank, the actual site situation was dire, as the dry commissioning of unit was completed end of December 2021, and most ANDRITZ test engineers moved to another project site. Moreover, the water storage was not done due to the spillway gates installation being delayed. 

Nevertheless, our client’s target is ANDRITZ’s target. ANDRITZ is always anxious about what our clients anxious about, and fully responds to their needs.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many travel restrictions, and this made it harder for ANDRITZ to dispatch enough test engineers to the site in time, but our commissioning coordinator Mr. Pan Bin and site manager Mr. Peter Foessl have managed to run the unit with the personnel available. This is the first time we have started to run a unit under such tough circumstances (only with control test engineer, generator test engineer and installation supervisors available). On all accounts, all's well that ends well. We finally started the unit at 21:35 p.m. and reached 30% of rated speed at 22:30 p.m. on 18th January 2022. The client was satisfied with the result and the milestone was reached successfully.

With joint efforts, our client delivered on the promise to the Bank and kept the project advancing smoothly.

Our site engineers didn’t even have time to enjoy the moment of this achievement, as they were on their way to next project site. 

We would like to express our gratitude to all HYDRO China colleagues who are still working on our overseas project sites currently. 

Technical details:
Total Output: 176 MW
Scope: 4 × 44 MW 
Voltage: 13.8 kV
Head: 16.5m
Speed: 107rpm
Runner diameter: 6200mm


June 2021: Thac Ca 2 and Dong Sung, Vietnam – PACs signed and units handed over to customer


The ANDRITZ commissioning teams in Vietnam have now put two significant privately-owned projects into commercial operation in close succession – the hydropower plants Thac Ca 2 and Dong Sung.

In 2017, ANDRITZ signed the contract with Xuan Thien Yen Bai Co., Ltd. for the supply of the complete electro-mechanical equipment for both projects.

The scope of contract for each plant comprised the supply of one Bulb turbine-generator unit (16 MW  installed output for Thac Ca 2 and 20 MW for Dong Sung), governor, excitation system, control and protection system, BOP, transformer, diesel generator, auxiliary equipment and technical services for the client.

During the execution phase, ANDRITZ encountered some problems which were not expected such as power house flooded, around one and a half year suspension of the project implementation, troubles with interim storage, damaged winding insulation due to third-party faults, and last but not least the breakout of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. Especially during breakout of Covid-19, there were always new policies imposed by the local authorities to restrict travel which had significant impact on mobilization of supervisors and commissioning engineers. Most of the engineers were sent on-site mid of last year and have not returned home even during holidays for almost one year.

Thanks to the great efforts and excellent work of our on-site staff the 72-hours reliability runs of both units were successfully completed in April (Thac Ca 2) and May 2021 (Dong Sung), the Preliminary Acceptance Certificates (PACs) granted and the units were accordingly handed over to the customer for commercial operation.

The customer, Xuan Thien Group, is a private company conducting business in infrastructure and investments in power plants, among other industries, and is well-known in Vietnam. ANDRITZ has four more hydropower projects under execution with this customer – Thac Ca 1, Song Lo 6, Song Lo 3 and Song Lo 5. The hydropower plants Thac Ca 2 and Dong Sung were the first of the customer’s low-head hydropower assets to be commissioned and put into commercial operation. This success is encouraging news and enhances not only the customer's confidence in ANDRITZ but has also a positive impact on implementation of the remaining projects and the morale of our on-site personnel.

Technical details of Thac Ca 2:
Total output: 16 MW
Scope output:1 x 16 MW / 17.4 MVA
Head: 13.1 m
Speed:125 rpm
Voltage: 6.3 kV.

Technical details of Dong Sung:
Total output: 20 MW
Scope output: 1 x 20 MW / 21.8 MVA
Head: 20 m
Speed:150 rpm
Voltage: 10.5 kV



May 2021: HPP Thuong Kon Tum, Vietnam - Successful commissions of Pelton units with the highest head in Vietnam


The Vinh Son – Song Hinh Hydropower Joint Stock Company entrusted ANDRITZ with the complete electro-mechanical works of the project for the Thuong Kon Tum hydropower project in Vietnam in September 2012.

The contractual scope for ANDRITZ involved model testing, design, procurement, manufacturing and supply of all equipment including mandatory spares for the electro-mechanical works. ANDRITZ was also entrusted with the supervision of works.

The detailed scope of works included two 110 MW high-head vertical shaft Pelton turbines, two digital governors, two main inlet spherical valves, two 129.41 MVA generators, 44 MVA transformers, 220 kV switch yard equipment, 245 kV SF6 CB, 220 kV XPLE cable, 400 V auxiliary T/R, switch gear equipment, excitation system, control and protection system, HVAC, fire-fighting system, EOT crane, cooling water, drainage and dewatering system, LP and HP compressed air system, life water supply system, life sewage disposal system, water treatment system, 245 kV Gas Isolated bus bar system and telecommunication system.

The project got extended from its original 34 months construction timeline primarily due to issues related to other contractors. ANDRITZ's contractual obligations were timely completed. ANDRITZ deployed the commissioning team amid the pandemic at the end of 2020. Despite the straining situation, the commissioning team overstretched their stay to support the project and the customer. Though, the commissioning of the project could be completed as scheduled in the first quarter of 2021. The plant was put successfully and in time into commercial operation.

Supply, erection, automation and commissioning of the high pressure compressed air system for the underground air-cushioned surge chamber posed some challenges. This system is not so common, and the integration and synchronization of various involved equipment required precision and expertise, both delivered by ANDRITZ effortlessly.

The client issued the provisional acceptance certificates to ANDRITZ after all vital parameters were fulfilled on in March 2021 resp. in April 2021 for the second and final unit.

This order shows not only the expertise of ANDRITZ in the high-head Pelton segment, but also the dedication of our engineers and commissioning officers for their work.

Technical Details:
Total output: 220 MW
Scope:  2 x 110 MW / 129.41 MVA
Head: 879 m
Voltage: 13.8 kV
Speed: 600 rpm
Runner diameter: 2,045 mm


February 2022: Pac Ma, Vietnam - Successful Completion of First Run

The Pac Ma hydropower project has the largest Bulb units in Vietnam in terms of both total capacity and unit capacity. Since the commencement of the project, the COVID-19 pandemic, earthquake, and the complex geologic structure have made the construction on site more difficult and forced the client to do some additional investments.

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