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Manufacturing at ANDRITZ in Morelia

ANDRITZ uses manufacturing standards of the highest level so all of our solutions optimally meet the specific customer requirements, preserve the environment and support operations management.

This can been achieved by covering various process steps in the value chain (planning, key component manufacturing, in-house assembly, shipping, site erection, service support). The committed employees in research and development are working constantly to improve and enhance technologies and products.

ANDRITZ’s scope of products is therewith divided into mechanical and electrical which include, Francis, Pelton and Kaplan Turbines, Spherical and Butterfly Valves, Generators, Turbine Governors, Excitation Systems, Control, Protection and SCADA systems – up to services such as site installation, commissioning, and training with special focus on small services and all spare parts.


Francis Runners

  • Runners = Own fleet, from others suppliers
  • Wicket gates

Pelton Runners

  • Runners = Own fleet, from others suppliers
  • Injectors, deflectors

Kaplan Runners

  • Runners = Propeller type (fix blades) and Kaplan
  • Components for own fleet and others
  • Wicket gates


  • No standard Spherical valves >1,000 mm
  • No standard Butterfly valves >2,500 mm
  • Bottom outlet & Pressure relief valves

Welded Components

  • Spiral cases
  • Stay rings
  • Gates
  • Turbine head covers
  • Bearings
  • Rotor Spiders
  • Stator frames


  • Inspections for all mechanical components of the turbine and valves
  • Sincronous condenser implementation
  • Heat treatment
  • Small repairs
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Hydraulic components inspections and replacement
  • Machining, thermal treatment
  • NDT = Ultrasound (UT), Magnetic Tests (MT), Dye Penetrant Test (PT)
  • Spare parts
  • Services

Manufacturing of hydro turbines and runners in Morelia

Electrical Equipment

Turbine Governors

  • Electronic Governor
  • HPU Modernization
  • New HPU and servomotors
  • Mechanical overspeed protection
  • Servovalves
  • Sincronous condenser conversion

Excitation System

  • AVR own fleet and others suppliers (HIPASE)
  • Static Excitation + PPT, Own fleet and other suppliers (HIPASE)
  • Modernization Kit GMR3: HIPASE
  • Combined system TG + Excitation
  • PSS (Power System Stabilizer)
  • Partial replacements

Controls System

  • PLC modernization - Own Hardware, other supplier
  • SCADA System
  • Instrumentation
  • Synchronization
  • Events recorders & historical  reports

Protection Systems

  • New electrical protection schemes
  • Existing relay protection modernization (New Settings)
  • Short circuit calculation
  • Relay protection coordination

Electrical Power Systems (EPS)

  • Plant engineering / interconnection
  • Auxiliary systems design and supply
  • Modernization of MV, LV, AC/DC boards
  • Replacement of parts, components
  • Electrical tests
  • Short circuit calculation
  • Erection supervision, Commissioning, Electrical Maintenance Test



We are certified by:

  • ISO 9001
  • BS OSHAS 18001
  • ISO 3834-2
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