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Digital O&M tools - Metris DiOMera

The R&D department in Vevey hosts the responsible team for the technological development of digital tools for the Operation and Maintenance of hydropower plants.

These tools are the combination of ANDRITZ Hydro’s expertise in the design, manufacturing, and commissioning of electro-mechanical equipment, in modelling and numerical simulation, and in the data analysis.

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The Metris DiOMera platform encompasses tools, processes and techniques that support the management of assets on a day-to-day basis within the O&M life cycle of the asset. It delivers a continuous real-time risk-based fingerprint of hydropower assets that helps the diagnostics, supports maintenance planning and operation optimisation with respect to defined short-, mid-and long-term KPI’s. 

It provides innovative solutions to enable a transition from preventive and reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance with for example:

  • Optimisation and objectivation of visual inspections in plants (ASSESS)
  • Detection of abnormal behaviour and live estimation of components’ aging (INTEL)
  • Digitalisation of maintenance activities (CMMS)
  • Optimisation of plant operation depending on production planning and constraints stemming from maintenance and equipment’s lifecycle management (OPT)

Operation data created by the hundreds of sensors installed on the generating units are historised and analysed continuously by machine learning algorithms to inform about changes in components’ behaviour well before the occurrence of a failure.

Detection of a developing anomaly by Metris DiOMera – Transformer winding temperature – Prediction of remaining time before failure.


Metris DiOMera Assessment : the digital companion for visual inspections in plants.


Delivered as a service, Metris DiOMera is continuously enriched from the experience gained from tens of hydropower plants worldwide that benefit from a permanent surveillance and receive recommendations enabling a reduction of unplanned outages and an optimised day to day usage of existing assets.