Austria - Wöllbach and Eisenhutgrabenbach

In December 2013 ANDRITZ HYDRO received orders from the private investors Kraftwerk WOELL GmbH for HPP Wöllbach and WKW EISENHUTGRABENBACH GmbH for HPP Eisenhutgrabenbach.

Both hydropower stations are located in the high-alpine area on the tributaries of the upper reaches of the Mur River in the province of Styria, Austria.

Wöllbach and Eisenhutgrabenbach

Wöllbach and Eisenhutgrabenbach

ANDRITZ HYDRO will supply a 3-nozzle horizontal Pelton turbine, synchronous generator (400 V), the penstock connecting pipe and an inlet valve as well as being responsible for the erection and commissioning for each hydropower station. After deduction of the ecological flow the turbines will only have approx. 5% of the rated unit flow in the winter. These low flows were the reason for selecting 3-nozzle arrangements for the turbines with an applied technology based upon model testing. The run-of-river power stations are equipped with intake rakes of COANDA type and penstocks made of ductile cast iron pipes.




Output:280 kW
Head:212 m
Speed:1,000 rpm
Runner diameter:590 mm



Output:322 kW
Head:243.2 m
Speed:1,000 rpm         
Runner diameter:640 mm
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