Hydro News Issue No. 25


Wöllbach and Eisenhutgrabenbach
Austria - Wöllbach and Eisenhutgrabenbach

n December 2013 ANDRITZ HYDRO received orders from the private investors Kraftwerk WOELL GmbH for HPP Wöllbach and WKW EISENHUTGRABENBACH GmbH for HPP Eisenhutgrabenbach.

Norway - Govddesåga

HYDRO News Issue 25: Three francis units with generators will be delivered and installed in the Govddesaga hydropower station in Norway.

Salto Curucaca-DSCN3105
Brazil - Salto Curucaca

HYDRO News Issue 25: Electromechanical Expansion in the Salto Curucaca hydropower plant in Brazil by ANDRITZ HYDRO.

San Rafael
Mexico - San Rafael

HYDRO News Issue 25: Three hydraulic Kaplan turbines for the newly constructed Dan Rafael power plant in Mexico.

Turkey - Cileklitepe

HYDRO News Issue 25: Follow up order for the Cileklitepe hydro power plant for ANDRITZ HYDRO in the eastern Black See region in Turkey.

Russein DSC01512
Switzerland - Russein

HYDRO News Issue 25: The HPP Russein in Switzerland will be expanded, ANDRITZ HYDRO to deliver two vertical six-jet Pelton turbines.

Cianten IMG_0323
Indonesia - Cianten 1, Cianten 1B and Cianten 3

HYDRO News Issue 25: ANDRITZ HYDRO to supply the complete electromechanical equipment for three of Cianten power plants in West Java, Indonesia.

Austria - Rothleiten

The Frohnleiten Energie- und Liegenschaftsverwaltung GmbH (FEL) runs HPP Rothleiten in the Austrian province of Styria. Since 1925, five Francis turbines have discharged the water of the Mur River.

France - Fontenil, Semine, Lavalette and Vallico

HYDRO News Issue 25: ANDRITZ HYDRO to deliver five Francis turbines in four hydropower stations in France and Italiy for EDSB.

Las Truchas
Mexico - Las Truchas

HYDRO News Issue 25: A second 7 MW unit will be delivered to the Truchas hydropower plant in Mexico by ANDRITZ HYDRO.

Air transport of a turbo generator stator
Austria - Air transport of a turbo generator stator

HYDRO News Issue 25: Air transport of a 90 tons turbogenerator with the largest aircraft Antonov from Austria to Florida.

Molino Rizzoni
Italy - Molino Rizzoni

HYDRO News Issue 25: Mini Compact Kaplan turbine with an asynchronous generator for the Molino Rizzoni power plant in Italy.

Shi San Ling_HL_Powerhouse
China - Shi San Ling

HYDRO News Issue 25: One stator for the San Ling pumped storage power station in China will be delivered until October 2014.

China - Zangmu

HYDRO News Issue 25: ANDRITZ HYDRO won a key contract in Tibet, the delivery constitutes of an automation system and a control center for the Zagmu hydropower plant.

Finland - Mankala

HYDRO News Issue 25: Upgrade of three Kaplan turbines in the Mankala run-of-river hydropower plant in Finland.

Austria - Dionysen

HYDRO News Issue 25: Refurbishment of the two generators in the Dionysen hydropower station in Austria.

Kraftwerk Fritzbach_Krafthaus_Luftbild_Vorabzug (Coopyright Zuchner)
Austria - Kreuzbergmaut & Fritzbach

HYDRO News Issue 25: ANDRITZ HYDRO to deliver secondary technical equipment for the Kreuzbergmaut power station in Austria.

Austria - Sölk

HYDRO News Issue 25: New control system for the Sölk hydropower station in Styria Austria delivered by ANDRITZ HYDRO.