Hydro News Issue No. 27


Renace III - 3D section of the runner
Hydro News 27 - News hydropower plant Renace III in Guatemala

ANDRITZ HYDRO to supply three hydraulic Francis turbines for the new hydropower plant Renace III loacated on the Cahabón river in Guatemala.

Hydro News 27 - Hydropower project Sap Viet, Vietnam

In Oct. 2014 ANDRITZ HYDRO India signed a contract for a complete COMPACT HYDRO package, including two Francis units.

Hydro News 27 - Hydropower plant Ponte Fiume, Italy

In Nov. 2014 ANDRITZ HYDRO received an order from ENEL for the supply of two vertical turbines for the Ponte Fiume hydropower plant in Italy.

3350 mm ECOBulb runner assembly
ECOBulb turbine for Chaudière, Canada

Supply of complete Water-to-wire equipment for the hydropower plant.

aÔòáe╠éhnliche Turbine wie Illerstufen_2
Hydro News 27 - Hydro  Power Plant Illerstufen, Germany

ANDRITZ HYDRO Germany received an order for the electromechanical equipment for three Bevel Gear Bulb turbines on the Iller River, Germany.

Hydro News 27 - Compact Hydro projects in Peru

ANDRITZ HYDRO France signed two contracts for the COMPACT HYDRO projects 8 de Agosto and El Carmen in Peru.

Hydro News 27 - Hydropower plant Groppello in Italy

ANDRITZ HYDRO has recevied a contract for the supply, erection and commissioning of the complete Water-to-wire package for HPP Groppello in Italy.

Hydro News 27 - Hydropower plant Døvikfoss in Norway

Toward the end of 2014, ANDRITZ HYDRO was awarded a contract by EB kraftproduksjon for the supply of a new Kaplan runner for the bulb turbine at HPP Døvikfoss.

ANDRITZ Hydro business division key visual
Hydro News 27 - Hydropower plant Schönau, Austria

Following commissioning of unit #1 in March 2013, ANDRITZ HYDRO has now successfully put unit #2 at Schönau hydropower plant into commercial operation.

Hydropower station Calabogie bird view
Hydro News 27 - Water power plant Calabogie in Canada

ANDRITZ HYDRO was awarded a contract for the supply of new equipment and the refurbishment of three sluicegate units at Calabogie hydropower plant in Canada.

Hydro News 27 - Modernization of the hydro power plant Assis, Brazilia

ANDRITZ HYDRO to provide equipment and services for the maintenance and modernization of the Brazilian Assis Chateaubriand hydropower plant.

Einbetonierte Ringleitung und Montage des Generator-Supports
Hydro News 27 - Hydropower plant Innertkirchen, Switzerland

In October 2014, the first milestone at the Innertkirchen 1 hydropower plant was completed on schedule by concreting the turbine housing and the distributor pipe.