Ponte Fiume, Italy

In November 2014, ANDRITZ HYDRO received an order from ENEL S.p.A. for the supply, erection, and commissioning of two vertical turbines substituting two old open flume Francis turbines for the Ponte Fiume hydropower plant.

The contract foresees the delivery of two double-regulated ECOBulb™ units with a runner diameter of 2,600 mm and a speed of 176 rpm.


Since it will be the first ECOBulb™ installation in Europe with permanent magnet generator and power factor compensation through power converters (Active Front End), this project represents a “new milestone” in our cooperation with this worldwide acting utility.

ANDRITZ HYDRO France will deliver the bulbs and stators while ANDRITZ HYDRO Italy will supply the distributor, draft tube, EPS, power converters, auxiliaries, erection, and project management.

The inauguration of unit #1 is scheduled for April 2016, unit #2 will follow one month later.


Output:2 x 5 MVA
Voltage:3.3 kV
Head:15 m
Speed:176.5 rpm
Runner diameter:2,600 mm
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